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Stop Smoking Ring - Stop Smoking Ring is a webring community with quitting tips and information on the health benefits of quitting. We

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Stop Smoking Ring

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Stop Smoking Ring is a webring community with quitting tips and information on the health benefits of quitting. We have online and offline support groups along with continued support AFTER quitting. You will find Nicotine Replacement Therapy products and other quit smoking related issues. Some pages you may think are off-topic but they will be websites owned by those who are ex-smokers or in the process of quitting. One of the key's to being a successful quitter is to stay busy and maintaining a website(s) does just that, so be sure to check out those off-topic pages owned by those who have made their choice to STOP smoking!


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   genessa -- smoking: information about quitting! Preview Go
Information about the harmful effects of smoking tobacco, and on how to quit, as well as related merchandise for sale.
   Stop Smoking Preview Go
My own experience in quitting and some helpful hints
   Thank You for Not Smoking Preview Go
Information, in French, on the affects of smoking on children.

   Darren Hiller Hypnosis Preview Go
Stop Smoking Hypnosis Expert
   Puffin' No More! Preview Go
"Hi! I'm Amethyst, and I...Am...Canadian! I'm making this website in order to share my quit smoking journey with the world. If I can help just one person to achieve the freedom that I've attained, then my time is well spent."
   Too Young To Die Preview Go
This site is dedicated to a young husband-father, who was diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer, on March 3, 1997. The site contains information on the dangers of smoking.RingManager Note: WARNING: Has forced music.
   stop smoking Preview Go
   Quit Cigarettes Neuro Hypnotherapy Preview Go
I am counsellor and hypnotherapist specialising in Quit Cigarettes Neuro Hypnotherapy. Based in Melbourne, Australia, I have developed a unique method encompassing a range of techniques in a unique approach which has helped hundreds of people quit cigarettes for Life.
   quit smoking Preview Go
links to quit smoking resources, my personal experience, ways we can help, way to help other people quit
   P.A.S - People Against Smoking Preview Go
Info for both smokers & non-smokers about smoking, the dangers of smoking & how to quit that habit/addiction. Smoking cigarettes, cigars or any other tobacco product KILLS. "It doesn't kill as sudden as a car accident but still death is death! Smoking cigarettes KILLS the smoker, KILLS his family, KILLS his friends, KILLS the people around him!"

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