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Manager: lazarst
Right now, bombs are killing us. In an unpreceded event in modern history, NATO is unleashing its deadly power on innocent people all over Yugoslavia. Millions are sleeping in bomb shelters due to this constant threat to their lives. Please help us stop NATO bombings by supporting this webring. [PLEASE VISIT OUR RING FORUM!]

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   Peacemakers Preview Go
A site to promote discussion on how to bring peace and reconciliation in situations of violence and conflict.
   Calling for Peace Preview Go
The purpose of this site is to offer a series of reflections on NATO’s air strikes against Yugoslavia as well as an alternate perspective of the conflict in the Balkans. Here you will find texts written by Randall Major, an American citizen who lives with his wife and two children in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia.
   Alternative information about the NATO war Preview Go
Collection of texts and links that offer an alternative view about the NATO war against Yugoslavia

   beograd.misto.cz Preview Go
Site containing some articles and interesting sound bits.
   Special -- Kosovo Crisis Links Preview Go
   Life Forum Preview Go
A site where you can disscuss and give your opinion on matters of life, politics, religion, culture and general topics in an intelligent and friendly environment.

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