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SilverCrossings Shadowrun

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Manager: system2
A high-quality ring for pages dedicated to the Shadowrun RPG. All pages have original content. Growing fast - come and check it out if you have an interest in Shadowrun. We're the biggest Shadowrun Webring, and still the best!

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   Scott's Shadowrun Software Home Page Preview Go
A lovely little repository of software useful for Shadowrun gaming.
Start a new discussion or ask this community a question
   Bandit's Shadowrun Archive Preview Go
a ton of shadowrun stuff
   Morpheus Unbound's Shadowrun Site Preview Go
House rules, characters and even a bit of fiction from Shadowrun fans since 1990. We were even published in Pyramid magazine.

   The Big Knobi Klub Preview Go
FASA's Shadowrun role-playing game: chapters from the novel ("Tales From the Klub"), runners' stats, game-related datafiles, extensive AAA megacorporation listings, a HUGE 2055 Slang Guide, lots and lots o' links to Shadowrun sites, a listing of things Overheard in the Shadows, all based on the infamous Seattle nightclub, the Big Knobi Klub.
   Shadowrun: Trauma Central Preview Go
Maybe the best-looking Shadowrun site out there. Resource site for a campaign set (and played) in Seattle. The main characters, the Trauma Team, have established their base the Redmond Barrens. Though they are 'Runners, they know their patron has far greater conflicts in mind than the corporate wars...
   Chris' Shadowrun Database Preview Go
Site Hosting a Character Database for Filemaker/ Macintosh
   The Path of The Arcane Preview Go
A Site dedicated to pushing the Boundries of Cannon Shadowrun, including New Metamagic, Spirits, Cyberware and the dreaded Hive Master. Recent Updates include New Insect Spirit Types. Contributions Welcome.
   Tyler's Shadowrun Harem Preview Go
Tyler's Shadowrun Harem is a collection of information on the Shadowrun Third Edition Pencil and Paper RPG, the SNES game, the Genesis game, info on the *Japanese Only* Sega CD game, as well as GM's notes for games I've run and PC notes for games I've been in. Also new Shadowrun religions and miscellaneous stuff on novels is here.
   Technoschamane - Shadowrun, wallpapers, downloads Preview Go
Well designed german shadowrun page. Wallpapers, graphics and information on Megaplex Frankfurt: social levels, gang activity, locations, npcs, security levels. Great picture gallery and character section. Additional edges and flaws, adventures and fine downloads. Visit ould germany's shadows - cya, tanoshii
   The (New & Improved) Shadowrun Emporium Preview Go
Chat, Stories, Corporate Info, what more could you want? Find it here.

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