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Southern African Military Web Ring

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This is a ring of web sites that contain information on (or about) the Southern African military scene, past or present.

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   FREE Military Art + Zulu War at Preview Go
FREE Art for You to Enjoy Today! + Military Prints of battles from Alexander the Great, to Ancient Roman History, English Medieval knights, Scottish Highlanders, Napoleonic Wars artillery and infantry, American Civil War, Wild West, Custer's cavalry, Zulus at Rorke's Drift, Light Brigade, British Indian Army, WWI soldiers, W.W. II U.S. Navy battleships & m
   SA Military Award and Ring Preview Go
SA Military Website Award and Ring site
   Angolan war: Operation Savannah- Papatroop Preview Go
Papatroop was an armoured car division in Operation Savannah, Angola. This site tells of the histroy of this group of men. Told by the men concerned it may differ from the official version.

   South African Parabats Preview Go
This site is dedicated to the South Afircan Soldier and particulrly to the South African Airborne Soldier called "The Parab
   Unofficial SACMP Home Page Preview Go
The Unofficial SACMP Website provides info regarding the history and origins of the SA Corps of Military Police, their vision and mission, crime prevention tips, and unit telephone numbers and links to report crimes
   Unofficial SADF Resource Page Preview Go
A collection of SADF and related Force type material, mostly published else where, but usually in obscure or difficult to obtain sources.
   The Selous Scouts Preview Go
Once the most feared counter-insurgency forces on the African continent. Selous Scouts were expert mantrackers, masters of bushcraft and pseudo-terrorist specialist of the Rhodesian/Zimbabwe War of Independence.
   TPI Association by George Craig Preview Go
Military Information. Mainly Australian.
   South African Bushwar Preview 1 review(s) — Go
The sole purpose of this page is to collect, preserve and present the military history of the SOUTH AFRICAN BUSH WAR (SABW). It does not support any political motive, and strives to reflect this important chapter in South Africa's history from all forces and freedom movements involved, such as the SADF, SWATF, SWAPO, PLAN, UNITA, MPLA, FNLA, CUBAN, ANGOLAN, EAST- GERMAN, SOVIET, ANC, MK, FRELIMO, RENAMO, etc.

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