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A ring dedicated to the best Role-Playing game related pages on the 'net!


Like RPG's? Have a site dedicated to them?


We have everything and anything you just might be interested in.


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   Star Wars: The Galactic War Preview Go
A Star Wars RPG. Pick your side. light or dark. fight in a galactic war for controll of the galaxy. Choose to be anything from a smuggler or merchant to a Republic soilder on a starship. and of course Jedi and Sith.
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   Brett Slocum's Games Page Preview Go
This site is devoted to all RPGs, but especially GURPS, Tekumel, The Fantasy Trip, C.J. Carella's Witchcraft, Simply Roleplaying!, FUDGE, Chivalry and Sorcery, and Over the Edge. Lots of original content, including adventures, characters, settings, rules, conversions, and more.
   Side Three: Gundam and RPG Page Preview Go
Besides the obvious Gundam theme, I also have adventures for Robotech, campaigns for Mecha!, a complete map of the Rifts United States, and an East Coast Rifts Campaign.

   Hounds of Hell - A tale of adventure Preview Go
Hounds of Hell. A tale of a mercenary group from futuristic rifts earth.
   The Age of Immortals Preview Go
Ancient Greek Mythology site with a very dark theme. This site is rated R plus due to the histories of the myths themselves. The rise of the Olympians made of blood. Lets write the legends ourselves.
   Salem witch trials webquest Preview Go
Rewrite History in the Salem Witch Trials WebQuest
   Mobile Suit Gundam: New Era Preview Go
A gundam based role playing site.
   Shh! & Listen Preview Go
Shh! & Listen is a literate roleplay which follows the lives of ordinary high school students attending Dawn Creek High. They have their secrets, their gossip, and their crushes. But one thing sets them apart from everyone else. They're gifted.
   The Ork In Black: Gaming Preview Go
Personal site of an RPG writer. Contains materials unavailable elsewhere , including game settings, expansions and adventures.
   Cursed Preview Go
A brand new Vamp/Lycan/Slayer RPG. In need of new roleplay-happy members! Open for all rp levels.

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