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Rolemaster/MERP WebRing - A collection of Internet websites that have material and/or resources pertaining to the Rolemaster, Space Master and/or

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Rolemaster/MERP WebRing

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A collection of Internet websites that have material and/or resources pertaining to the Rolemaster, Space Master and/or MERP RPG system.

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   Hlingler Halfhlund's Hut Preview Go
A miscellany of RP gaming resources for MERP.
   Wandering Monk Rolemaster Forums Preview 1 review(s) — Go
My site is for discussion of all things related to Rolemaster 2nd Edition. I do have subforums for my own gameworld(s) and forums for players and Gamemasters. I also include other games, but the main focus is RM 2nd Edition.
   1st Edition RoleMaster Character Generator Preview Go
JavaScript-based tool for creating 1st edition RoleMaster characters of level 1 to 36.

   roleplay.dol-amroth.de Preview Go
Rolemaster in Middle-Earth with a special page about Dor-en-Ernil! And an attempt get get every RM-Module listed, that in any way has, does or will effect the playing on Middle-Earth...
   Rolemaster/MERP Webring Homepage Preview Go
Rolemaster/ICE RPG Webring Homepage - Lists the requirements for becoming part of this Webring, as well alternate navigation bars for members to use and news related to the WebRing
   Rolemaster - Viatosto Game Group Preview Go
Rolemaster - Middle Earth Game Group Viatosto Gruppo Gioco Viatosto
   Restarted MERP PBeM - Balaak the Perverter Preview Go
This MERP pbem was first ran 6 years ago but has restarted from the beginning again. An ancient evil, another bane to Dwarves, thought to be slain in the First Age has arisen again to threaten the Khazad of the Ered Luin. Set in TA1640 initially under the Blue Mountains, your journey will take you to other locations hailing from a long ago era.
   ICE RolePlaying WebRing Homepage Preview Go
This site contains the information needed to join the ICE Roleplaying WebRing as well as lots of additional Resources for ICE games such as Rolemaster, Spacemaster, HARP, Silent Death and others.
   Ken's Middle earth campaign Preview Go
These pages will deal with a MERP campaign that uses the RMSS and is set in the fourth age. The pages will include general rulings for RMSS, source material, campaign journals and the Like.
   The Cave Preview Go
This site covers topics such as roleplaying, rolemaster, merps, mtg,and other quality games.

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