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Role Playing Games - This is a WebRng where Members have posted their Role Playing Game's site. A showcase of All types of role playing games

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Role Playing Games

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This is a WebRng where Members have posted their Role Playing Game's site. A showcase of All types of role playing games including free form.

HAVE FUN! ... and enjoy the sites in this Ring!


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   L.A.R.P. Based on the Lifewave Universe Novels Preview Go
Wasington Press Conference, a L.A.R.P by Cheryl Ann Costa and Linda Poore, based on the Lifewave Universe Novels by Jacqueline Lichtenberg published by Berkeley Science Fiction and Wildside Press.
   High Reaches Weyr Preview Go
High Reaches Weyr, Fifth Pass, is a role-playing and writing group based at the end of the first Long Interval on Pern. There are only three existing Weyrs, but their numbers are growing, and an old Weyr has to be reopened: High Reaches. But the Lords are not happy, and many across Pern doubt whether Thread will return. Welcome to High Reaches, and a new beginning!
   The Brotherhood of the Rose Preview Go
The BoR is a fellowship of people dedicated to serving as a beacon of Light in times of Darkness. Evil will not reign while we have life and breath in our bodies. (We're an AOL roleplaying guild)

   Welcome to The Ice Wolf Tavern! Preview Go
A fantasy and modern RPG site that caters to all sorts of role playing types out there! Come to the wonderful world of Maltesa and delve into friendly and mature RP for all your needs. This group was once part of MSG groups and now is it's own independent site.
   Stan Bundy's RPG & Fanfic page Preview Go
Home of the original Palladium FAQ, many gaming files (Robotech RPG, plus many more usable with any of the Palladium games), and much Robotech fanfic. Links to other Robotech rings (Stan is ringmaster of three such rings)
   Abunai School Preview Go
A crazy anime-esque text-based roleplay. This mysterious school seems to call students with strange powers together. From romance to action to magic to tragedy, this site is a rockin' place for anyone who likes some good drama (and a little comedy...kay, lots of comedy).
   Merciless Kingdoms Preview Go
Merciless Kingdoms is a free form, play by post rpg set in the mystical land of Aurelia. A land where the gods dwell among the people, nations wage wars, and characters explore the limitless reaches of the lands to gain glory, honor, or riches. Enter now, and become a legend.
   Space Artemis Preview Go
Role plaing game Artemis space
   Stonemaiden Castle Preview Go
A fantasy roleplay set in a fictional castle full with ghosts, sorceresses, shapeshifters, elves, and other creatures.
   Sunshine Village Preview Go
Seasons,Fun,Shops....Explore the wonderful world of Sunshine Village

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