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Rail Sites - The Rail Sites web ring is for any railway site, wether modelling or real railways

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Rail Sites

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The Rail Sites web ring is for any railway site, wether modelling or real railways

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   What if the Penn Central Merger Did Not Happen Preview Go
If, for several reasons, the merger of the New York Central Railroad, the Pennsylvania Railroad and the New Haven Railroad did not occur, how would railroading in the Eastern United States be different?
   Gulf Curve 1940 NY Central Railroad accident Preview Go
The Gulf Curve in Little Falls, New York was the scene of one of the worst accidents in New York Central Railroad history. April 19, 1940 Little Falls, New York, United States: The westbound New York Central Lake Shore Limited, running fifteen minutes late in rainy conditions, fails to reduce speed to 45 miles per hour at Gulf Curve near Little Falls, sharpest on the NYC System, and at 59 mph the locomotive derails, crosses two tracks and strikes a rock wall whereupon it explodes and nine cars pile up behind it. At least 30 known dead, including the engineer, and 100 injured in this accident.
   Railroad Mergers in the Northeast of the U.S. Preview Go
Railroad mergers have taken place right from the beginning of railroading. The two peak periods for mergers have been the 1920's and the 1960's. Because of the Transportation Act of 1920, the ICC engaged Professor William Ripley of Harvard to develop a tentative plan for railroad consolidation.

   Connecticut Connection: Central New England Railway Preview Go
A trip along the Central New England Railway (CNE) from Canaan, Connecticut to the New York State Line.
   Industrial Development on the D&H Railroad Preview Go
1920's story about how the Delaware & Hudson Railroad helped develop the region it served. How coal played a role in the history of the D&H. Provide access to a wealth of railroad history. D&H Sales Offices. D&H to North Creek. D&H along Lake Champlain and through Rouses Point going from Albany to Montreal
   Railroading Stories by Bertrande H. Snell Preview Go
A collection of stories about mostly the New York Central Railroad written by Bertrande H. Snell. Courtesy of Richard Palmer, The Milk Business of the NY Central, Hojack and West Shore abandonments, and the Lincoln Funeral Train.
   The Lake Ontario Shore Railroad Preview Go
In the early 1870's, the Lake Ontario Shore Railroad had been built from Oswego all the way along the shore of Lake Ontario to the Niagara River (Suspension Bridge). It bypassed Rochester, had no manufacturing industries and was too close to the New York Central. The Lake Ontario Shore wasn't able to make the grade and was sold to the RW&O in 1875 at a court sale for a bargain basement price. Later the Rome Watertown and Ogdensburgh became part of the New York Central.
   The NorthEast Corridor Preview Go
Trips along the North East Corridor of AMTRAK are not always without problems. Find out how to play the "hidden city" game on AMTRAK and learn what other pitfalls may trap the travelers. One can't help but be amazed by the many rail lines in northern New Jersey. Most of these were CONRAIL, most of these are commute and most of these are ex Erie-Lackawanna.
   Elgin, Joliet & Eastern, The J Preview Go
The Elgin, Joliet & Eastern, runs a huge circle around Chicago, crossing every line entering the Chicago terminal. In addition, it serves great industries, like US Steel's Gary Works.
   Since 1950 Preview Go
Over fifty years ago, Merle Armitage published a book called "The Railroads of America". In it, he listed the major railroads of the time. I took his list and tried to see where they all went. I also compared to a 1980 source of Class 1 railroads.

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