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Psychedelic TripRing - A collection of pages that are of a Psychedelic Nature ...psychedelic music, Woodstock and the 60's culture, progressive

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Psychedelic TripRing

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Manager: web85
A collection of pages that are of a Psychedelic Nature ...psychedelic music, Woodstock and the 60's culture, progressive issues, activism & do-gooding, and of course, the Grateful Dead ... Come Trip with us!


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   Kate's Ode To Her Inner Hippie Preview Go
Just a small page (so far) dedicated to the hippie side of my personality. Some links, my hippie experience, also links to my home page.
   Nomadic Notions Preview Go
Welcome to Nomadic Notions. We are the only place you need to look for festival security, tattoo art, quality tye dyed items, handcrafted jewelry and clothing. Keep on the lookout for us at your favorite festivals and musical events!
   .angelheaded hipsters and visionary tics Preview Go
A psychotropic hippie fable about the end of the world. A serialized online novel by Alan Rankin.

   PsYcHeDeLiC MuSiC Preview Go
Rare psychedelia from all over the world.
   Ronin Pyschedelic Books for Independent Minds Preview Go
Psychedelic books for independent minded folks.
   BC Sifting & Salvage Kif Boxes Preview Go
KIF, KIEF, KEIF, KEEF or KEF....Highest Quality Sifting & Salvage Boxes handmade in Houston, Unique & Practical stackable design, Appalachian Oak wood, 100 mesh stainless steel screens, 100% organic linseed oil finish, mirror glass bottoms...SAVE YOUR KIF!!
   Farmer Dave's Rest Stop & Trading Post Preview Go
we just get it on together. I am working on providing as many links, images, sounds, concepts, learning, grooving, and sharing opportunities as possible...people can get turned on to eachother with trading post page for music, sound, common, interests, happenings, ideas, and belonging. Getting it together. Having a lot of fun. I'm just learning how to program, t
   Be Here Now Preview Go
Photos and history of the 1970's hippie/psychedelic bands "Here and Now" and "Planet Gong" and the British Free Festivals of that time. Plus mp3s etc. of current version : "Ici Maintenants" featuring Steffe Sharpstrings, Kif Kif Le Batter and Twink El Toes-Malone. 1970's mp3's and albums planned for this website in 2005.
   Over a 100 pages of Psychedelic Animations and Interact Preview Go
Over 100 pages of psychedelic animations and interactions. A huge site that has to be seen to be believed.
   Erowid Psychoactive Vaults Preview Go
An online library containing thousands of pages of information about psychedelics (and other psychoactive plants and chemicals) such as LSD, Psilocybin Mushrooms, DMT, and Cannabis.

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