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Ring of the NibelungListed in: Paganism > Asatru

This webring connects sites by and for Asatru resp. Heathens. We trust in the Aesir and Vanir, the Scandinavian, Norse, Germanic and Anglo-Saxon Gods and Goddesses.

Also welcome are sites about the Viking Ages, Germanic mythology, history, language, literature, culture, archeology, and art.

Please note that sites which display racism or intolerance towards others' ways of life or religion, will not be included in this webring. Welcome and wassail!

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   Lokis Lachen - Asatru-Humor ! Preview Go
Heidenspaß mit Asatru-Witzen, Anekdoten, lustigen Kurzgeschichten und auch Nachdenkliches. Für alle, die gerne mal über sich und andere im germanischen Heidentum lachen wollen.
   Nordic Magic Healing Preview Go
This excellent site (Bilingual French/English) presents a score of documents related to the runes, runic inscriptions, runic charms and magic, Siberian and Saami shamanism, and many facts of Nordic and Celtic mythology.
   Loki's Laughter - Heathen Humor Preview Go
Odin & his brothers created men, but Loki taught them to play practical jokes; I bet my head you´re going to laugh yours off here :); Come visit, and share your favorite Asatru joke with us !
   Asatru-Ring Frankfurt Preview Go
A community of Asatruar in Frankfurt am Main, Germany; Bilingual site English/German; Articles on Asatru as a modern religion in every day life, and spirituality; We welcome local as well as international heathen contacts.
   Hildolf Vanirssons Webpage Preview Go
My personal webpage is a resorce page helping those curious about Heathenry/Asatru with personal insites, background, pictures, eddic poetry to help those new to heathenry and the curious as well as providing links to sites with more information in specific fields/topics and interest.
   Odin's Gift - Heathen Poetry & Music Collection Preview Go
Over 1000 Asatru poems - modern, classical, and international heathen poetry with translations; Heathen Songbook Online with MP3; Overview over all Norse music & CDs; Asatru stories & new myths; Submissions welcome!
   The Volsung Kindred Preview Go
We are a new Kindred located in Milwaukee, WI. Our site is designed to help others learn about Asatru.
   Nine Virtues News Preview Go
A blog about the Odinist faith, written by Nissa Annakindt, who lives on a farm in Michigan, USA - Ásatrú resource page Preview Go
List of translations of Old Norse sagas and eddas into English; extensive Asatru link list.

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