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The Tendai~Hokke~Nichiren Web
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The Tendai~Hokke~Nichiren Web

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The Nichiren Web is Open to all websites that explicitly honor the Lotus Sutra, including but not limited to Tendai and the many Schools which derive from the 13th century Buddhist priest, Nichiren DaiShonin, who lived from 1222-1282 during Japan's Kamakura period. A project of the interfaith oriented, Nichiren's Coffeehouse.

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   The Living Rissho Ankoku Ron Preview Go
It is said that Nichirenís teachings begin and end with the Rissho Ankoku Ron... a book length gosho commentary by the Rev. Ryuei on this key writing by Nichiren Shonin.
   Chanting Nam or Namu? Does it really matter? Preview Go
There is no appreciable difference, but many people have wondered why some people chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo & others chant Namu Myoho Renge Kyo. Even in the groups that primarily chant "Nam," they also chant "Namu" when doing three prolonged Odaimoku (Daimoku Sansho or Hiki Daimoku). Actually, the whole Nam or Namu controversy is really a non-issue....
   The DaiGohonzon of Taisekiji Preview Go
An essay by Ryuei exploring the key historical & doctrinal differences between NShu & NShoshu: including the Two Transfer Documents, the DaiGohonzon, and Nichiren's identity.

   History of the Hokke Shu Preview Go
The Rev Ryuei's book length History of Nichiren Buddhism and the Hokke (Lotus Sutra) Schools descended from Nichiren Shonin and his disciples.
   Going Forth Under the Protection of Universal Virtue Preview Go
This talk was given at the San Jose temple in March 2001 before Ryuei left for Shingyo Dojo, where he would be ordained.

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