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Native American's WebRing

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Manager: ediversity
This ring is dedicated to the Native Americans of all nations. If you relate in any way to the Native ways, have a Native American home page or site please join in our ring of Peace, Love, and Harmony. This is just another forum for uniting and sharing with the world our views, teachings, religions, and spirituality.



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   JourneyingRainbowPath Preview Go
Connecting with true Self, Spirit, and Nature, as well as connecting our spiritual and physical roots. We are ONE... This is a peaceful and loving place to visit.
   Thunder Rolls Preview Go
A tribute to First People. I am Miami. Tanakia
P�gina personal con links de inter�s general.

   Choctaw Indian History Preview Go
I've been working on this site in constant short burst and it's still not up to my personal standard. My site is leaning toward historical maps and short stories of principle chiefs and other historical happenings in the life of the Choctaw. My favorite links are provided and rings I have joined. I hope you like the visit.
   Ishi, the last Yahi Preview Go
Media Portrayal and Anthropologists' Treatment of Ishi, the last Yahi.
   Inside Looking Out On The World Preview Go
A Native American Man who is a former Rodeo Clown, Police Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Writer, and Newspaper Editor, views on life.
   Rio Guzman's Journal Preview Go
My work shows humanity's predicament: The most intelligent species (supposedly) is the most destructive, cruel and vindictive.
   Tempus Peregrinus Preview Go
A collection of pre-history Artifacts and Antiquities,
   majaguany III Preview Go
Saludos desde Bayamon,Puerto Rico.*Majagua* MAJAGUANY* pertenece a un cacique taino de mi pueblo de origen. En mi website tendras la oportunidad de conseguir historia de la Herencia Taina, bohio, cemi, yucayeque, vocabulario taino, batu, dujo, , coqui dorado, pelicano pardo, cotorra,ect.. Puerto Rico, pueblos, jabones custom olores, refranes, instrumentos tipicos, plantas medicinales como la sabila, tienda virtual, C. FIGUEROA TRADING, prendas por orden especial BISUTERIA ropa, prendas garantizadas, country labels,la piedrita de nuestra herencia taina, perfumes unisex, arreglos flores artificiales y naturales,peluches,MAPAS PARA TI . Agradecemos la mano amiga de Yabei...estamos vivo!
   "The Few - The Proud - The Valiant" Preview Go
My Native American page is one of many that provides information, and entertainment. It is child safe and family oriented and I am adding to it every day

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