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Movie Slash - This is a ring for sites (personal homepages or archives) that host slash (m/m, f/f) fanfiction based on characters from

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Movie Slash

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Manager: anabelxli
This is a ring for sites (personal homepages or archives) that host slash (m/m, f/f) fanfiction based on characters from movies.

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   Ashray's Corner Preview Go
A small site with my FanFictions; Humor, Yaoi and Insanity, with some Romance and Fluff, but most important: SLASH! This is a warning, there is Boy on Boy, in various ratings! For now with Saiyuki, Yugioh, Harry Potter, Final Fantasy 7, Sherlock Holmes (the RDJ!Movie) and Grimm,
   Serendipity Preview Go
A fanfiction review site with many different fandoms (ex. Harry potter, Lord of the rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc)
   Betsanne's Fiction Preview Go
My webpage is mainly for my fanfiction. I have Smallville and Harry Potter fiction. I am always adding more.

   Just Because - my slash fics Preview Go
Diverse fandoms, RPS, and originals. Clearly separated.
   BBI Chronicles of the Hong Kong Cavaliers Preview Go
A rather new and exciting archive of Banzai fanfic, partnered to a writers' workshop in which writers workout stories, join round robins and beta for one another. Includes gen to adult fics (slash and non-con present). A harder side to Banzai's warm and fuzzy image.
   First Time's a Charm slash Preview Go
Archive of the First Time's a Charm slash list at yahoo http://groups.yahoo.co m/group/first_times_a_ charm_slash/) First Time slash stories in nearly 50 fandoms, some original stories, too. Any fandom, any pairing accepted. You can join the list or mail me directly if you want a story published.
   The TOS Twins Preview Go
Fanfiction in German and English (Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes etc.) from Lady Charena and T'Len
   Bizzarre Love Triangle Preview Go
About a show on the Fox Family channel (weekdays at 4:30, weekends at 11:30 ;-) featuring a football player who turns into a werewolf causing lots of mad-cap, zany, monster-fighting antics! Add into the mix his geeky goth best friend and poor production values and you've got a show, baby!

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