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Music from Other Centuries - If you like singing, arranging, or listening to renaissance music, if you love madrigals, spirituals, or English, Yiddis
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Music from Other Centuries

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Manager: genessa
If you like singing, arranging, or listening to renaissance music, if you love madrigals, spirituals, or English, Yiddish or Celtic folk songs, this is the ring for you.  Stay a while and listen!  Relax and enjoy!  This ring is full of sites discussing and/or providing/presenting beautiful music originating from the beginning of time to 1900, concentrating a bit on earlier forms of music,  and you may find tracks for listening, or videos and sheet music, academic treatises, merchants selling performance cds, lps, tapes or videos.  The ring celebrates early music, from ancient through medieval through renaissance through baroque through classical through romantic and impressionistic, as well as traditional music from around the world.  Pictured on this page:  a 13th-century portrait of 12th-century Provençal troubadour (and later knight and Crusader) Raimbaut de Vaqueiras (1180-1207), who wrote his famous "Kalenda Maia" after a falling out with his patroness; the song reproaches her for believing the lies others were spreading about him.  If this ring manager remembers correctly, the song touched her heart and the two became best buds once more.  On the NavBar:  Franz Liszt ((1811-1886)) circa 1960; Liszt was the first real longhair and certainly a rock 'n roll star of his time -- ladies used to throw their delicates at him while he performed onstage.


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   genessa -- webring! Preview Go
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