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LRPring is a webring for sites about Live-roleplaying. If you have a website, which is dedicated to either live-roleplaying or historical re-enactment, please join the ring.

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   The Atlas Agenda Preview Go
Live Action Role Playing in the year 2045.
   Nemesis LRP Preview Go
Nemesis is a Live Action Role Playing group that has been running in and around the Manchester/Stockport area for about seven years. It formed when the original club, Spirit of adventure ceased to play. It is a Fantasy Based System set in our own Campaign World. We also have a sister club in Jersey.
   Strength and Honor Preview Go
Our Orginization is broken into two sections Imperial Rome and the Outlander Tribes. These two great enemys fight for control of the outlands Any and all are welcome combatants and politicians, tradesmen, thespians, etc.

   Brad Weyers' Home Psge Preview Go
Brad Weyers' Home Page Contains the Home of the Bear Clan. A half orc clan in the NERO world. Also site of the 1999 NERO Event Calendar.
   Rising Sun Samurai Live Action Roleplaying Preview Go
A new LARP group from southwest England, please feel free to join us..
   Rage Across Sixth Street - Austin TX-023 Preview Go
This is the home page for Rage Across 6th Street, an Austin chapter of the Camarilla / White Wolf organization. We play Garou, Cam/Anarch, Sabbat, Mage, and Changeling. The site contains info, links, and our game schedule.

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