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Lolth´s Kiss - In the realm below, known as The Underdark, is a race known for their fierce fighting abilities, masters in magic, cruel

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Lolth´s Kiss

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In the realm below, known as The Underdark, is a race known for their fierce fighting abilities, masters in magic, cruelty and torture. They are loyal followers of the goddess Lolth, known as the Queen of Spiders. The race is known as the Drow. This is a site for for Drow and related online RPG's.

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   For the Greater Glory of Lolth Preview Go
A complete rpg site for this classic game of magic and spells
   Philbo's Dungeon Preview Go
A page that is constantly under construction. Keep looking for more additions. Focus is on Forgotten Realms.
   Olath Xal Preview Go
Welcome to the Drow Nation of Olath Xal and the world of Rosha! An extensive and unique Fantasy Role-Playing Community that plays by chat. Web space is available for characters, lands or shops. Guilds, organizations and nations keep in touch easily through front-page news, forums or in their private club settings. Come explore the Realms and join a true role-playing community.

   The Lethality Homepage Preview Go
A large site that is dedicated to the goal of creating a multi genre cross over universe that is able to be molded to an individuals tastes. The primary focus currently is Sci-Fi and Horror, but Fantasy will be following very shortly.
   Glomertam's Gallery Preview Go
Glomertam's Gallery hosts PBEM games using the AD&D game system, and the Hero System game system.
   Qaiyore Interactive History PBeM Game Preview Go
Qaiyore is a land in which the players take the roles of societies, rather than playing individual characters. The players invent a society with its culture, and guide its development and interaction with the world. Emphasis is placed on developing a detailed history and cultures for Qaiyore, along with myths and legends.
   The Five Rings of Power Campagn Homepage Preview Go
webpage for the Five Rings of Power AD&D second edition campaign
   D'lorus Preview Go
D'lorus is a fantasy PBEM freeform roleplaying game. New players are always accepted.

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