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Lego MindStorms

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Lego > Mindstorms
The Lego MindStorms WebRing is about a line of Lego sets combining programmable bricks with electric motors, sensors, Lego bricks, and Lego Technic pieces (such as gears, axles, and beams).




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   Redgoat Robotics Preview Go
This is a wiki site for our robot club which meets every Friday at the Kennedy Krieger School in Baltimore , MD

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   Welcome to LEGO fan site! Preview Go LEGO FAN website that covers technic and pneumatic LEGO, GBC (Great Ball Contraption) LEGO and NXT Mindstorm projects. Includes also an extensive directory of Links to other technic LEGO and NXT related sites.
   Leggor im netz Preview Go
lego ist das thema dieser webseite

   Blake's Conflabatorium Preview Go
A website to display my Lego Mindstorms robots. I am still working on the gallery section, and when it is done, I will have detailed descriptions on the workings of my robots and homebrew sensors. I will also have info on building the sensors for anyone interested.
   LEGO Mindstorms Robots I made Preview Go
This web site is about the LEGO Mindstorms robots that I have made.
   Lego Mania Preview Go
INVENTIONS: 3D Scanner, 3D Modeler, Rubik solver, Foucault tester & more. FEATURES: instructions, MLCAD models, pics & video
   Hacked Gadgets Preview Go
Many articles about hacking gadgets. Examples of extreme technology. DIY projects describing how to build electronic projects. Fun top 5 and top 10 lists.
   Brian Bagnall's Lego Mindstorms Preview Go
Information on leJOS (Java for the RCX) and my book, Core Lego Mindstorms Programming. Also includes some Lego Cybermaster information, with instructions for programming the Cybermaster in C#.
   the carnivorous syndrome in 3d Preview Go
'the carnivorous syndrome in 3d' is a new 3d documentary about carnivorous plants. The unprecedented 3d macro time lapse sequences were filmed by a lego robot. Receive robotic dispatches from the 4th dimension!
   Got Robots? Come and check out Flik the Ant! Preview Go contains the robotic escapades of Nick Donaldson, including his Lego hexapod Flik, his aluminium and servo-based hexapod Ziggy, news of upcoming projects and resources.

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