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The Faerie Ring
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The Faerie Ring

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Manager: fosterrm2
This webring is dedicated to fan sites for White Wolf's roleplaying game Changeling: the Dreaming! All ring members are welcome to submit work to sci-fi, fantasy, horror art and literature magazine "Universe Pathways". All artists and writers are welcome to submit work. http://www.innerzed.com/sites/kosmic/

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   Knightshade3's Changeling Page Preview Go
A site dedicated to the characters that I play and the Mushes they live on.
   The Changeling Palace Preview Go
A gathering spot for the Sidhe and nobility of the fae, the Palace contains much information for the ruling class of the Sidhe- everything from advice on ruling properly to Glamour. Seelie and Unseelie alike are welcomed.
   cyberfreehold Preview Go
this is a nice place for finding glamour or a peaceful? moment. It is handled by a nonpooka fox and a sidhe. You can also join our game or find what you dream... by the way...this is not a pooka page!

   Westhaven Preview Go
Something of an archive of fanfiction and mechanics related work using White Wolf's Changeling the Dreaming, also includes some work in other areas.
   Our Avalon Preview Go
Welcome to Avalon. Character biographies and ideas, fanfic, poetry, qotes, and pictures. All Changeling related!
   Scattered Dreams Preview Go
Changeling information reference site. A guide to all published material for the game.
   Ravenskeep Preview Go
A "virtual freehold" for players and StoryTellers of "Changeling: The Dreaming." Includes game materials, character sheets, new oaths, a portrait gallery, and information about House Scathach.

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