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Just My Words

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Our beginnings and endings are all the same, we're born and then we die. But where the path between these two points leads us, is entirely different. This ring is for journalers who want to share their journey along their respective paths. Read their thoughts, passions, rants and everyday life while choosing which path to take at the next fork in the road

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   Embers Preview Go
Home of my Burning Man pages. A chronicle of the strange, curious and not always pleasant experiences that Burning Man has afforded me, starting with an account of events following a very strange conversation I had online, late one night.
Why are things like they are? Why is that so? Why am I here? Is love real?
   Palmer's Internet Diary Preview  new site Go
My space to speak, my time to share. My thoughts, ideas and energies.

   Common Sense Almanac Preview Go
A journal of literary arts, ideas, activism, spirituality, music and more.
   The Rambler Preview Go
the rambler is my online journal which i try to update daily. just the highs and lows of being me. includes pictures.
   The Beachboard Bramble Preview Go
Ramblings on a variety of subjects, including (but not limited to) film, fiction, frettings, frustration, fashion, fannish fiddlefaddle.
   Skew Preview Go
Journal of a twentysomething avoidant amateur fantasy/mythology writer. Negatory! Negatory! Will Robinson!
   Deadline Pressure Preview Go
The thoughts & observations of a guy just starting out in life -- trying to make sense, or just find, his place in the world while sorting through the dreams of his life and trying to make them all come true.
   Scribblings Preview Go
I seek the blend of poetically visual and visually poet.
   My Soap-Operatic Life Preview Go
Filled with personal analysis, rants on behavior and TV shows, life is a soap opera, check it out.

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