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Indian Bloggers

Manager: theodora_maffat
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Anyone of Indian origin. As in the country of INDIA located in the continent of Asia. And who maintains a journal/ diary/ weblog that is frequently updated. From any part of the world. They're everywhere after all and don't we know it!


   Temples in India Preview  new site Go
This blog is a writeup of various temples that I have visited. these could be popular historical temples or the small unseen ones lurking away from the heavy gaze of visitors. I would like to describe the beauty of these places, local stories of this place and if possible local gossips. all releated to the temple

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Tech Siddhi is a technology focused site, bringing latest news and updates on gadets, softwares, hardwares in tech world to its readers.
   Waiting to Be--trawling life's deeps Preview Go
I'm single, resolutely feminist,and live in an Indian ashram. An outsider to any society, against all ritual, I write to explore collisions, encounters, in a world which, with all its contradictions, is still redolent of divine mystery.

   Rhymes and stories for kids Preview Go
Rhymes and stories for kids in Video,Animated and other formats.YUMM kids love this site
   Lethargic IITian Preview Go
News and views of a lethargic IITB student who's stuck in IIT for another month trying to complete his project! Oh, and some politics, geek stuff, Catholicism and links.
   Indian Bloggers Ring Preview Go
Indian Bloggers Ring
   Niravata Preview Go
   Padhivugal Preview Go
My blog, well everything interesting from Science, Literature, Art, Photography, Work, Software everything worth noting finds place in my blog.
   Bloody Bloggard Preview Go
...and then the voice boomed from the skies, "Let there be light"., and when the light came on, all of mankind was caught with their pants down... sheepishly the voice came back saying, "..err, sorry folks, my fault!"
   Making light of serious stuff : Short Verse Preview Go
Short verse about ordinary events and persons in everyday life

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