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The Dune Ring - Dune - A world beyond your experience, beyond your imagination. Frank Herbert's epic legacy of Dune is remembered with t
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The Dune Ring

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Dune - A world beyond your experience, beyond your imagination. Frank Herbert's epic legacy of Dune is remembered with these pages dedicated to the greatest sci-fi adventure of all-time. Beside pages related to the book you will find also sites about the film, the miniseries and the games.

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   Everything about the Dune Boardgame Preview Go
Information about Avalon Hill's Dune boardgame, featuring rules, FAQs, scans, battle reports and other assorted nonsense. If I don't have the info here then you let me know what I'm missing and I'll get it!
   Bene Gesserit trivia Preview Go
Lots of small details about Bene Gesserit and Dune, of course! Lots of links to other sites. Come and see my choice!
   Arrakeen Preview 1 review(s) — Go
ARRAKEEN DUNE BOARD-THE PLACE FOR EVERYTHING DUNE! Come and join the growing community of 100+ members at Arrakeen and discuss the best-selling epic sci-fi series of all time! Discover the genius of Frank Herbert, a man truly ahead of his time, in a forum dedicated to all his wonderful novels. So head on to Arrakeen, the place for hardcore Dune fans and newcomers alike!

   Dune Universe Preview Go
The universe of Dune and Frank Herbert.
   Tommy of Escondido's Alien Fonts page Preview Go
At Tommy of Escondido's Alien Fonts page we distribute alien fonts from TV & movies we have made as accurately as possible. We also have games, annotated links, a romulan language, trek info, and a how to font page.
   Kull Wahad! - Dune Links and Movie News Preview Go
A regularly updated directory of links to active sites, forums and blogs dedicated to Frank Herbert's epic Dune, it's sequels and films. Including all the latest on the NEW DUNE MOVIE, Dune Fonts and more.
   Tleilaxu Tanks Preview Go
This webpage is about the Dune boardgame made in 1979 by Avalon Hill.
   The Dune Emulator Preview Go
Windows 9x/NT based Emulator for the Avalon Hill Dune Boardgame.
   Colin's Game Pages Preview Go
Files relating to the Dune board game made by Avalon Hill

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