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Industrial Archaeology & History - The Industrial Archaeology and History Ring contains sites of interest to industrial archaeologists and industrial histo
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Industrial Archaeology & History

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Manager: iarecordings
The Industrial Archaeology and History Ring contains sites of interest to industrial archaeologists and industrial historians. Anyone with suitable web content is welcome to join the ring. Eg: sites relating to: wind & water power, steam & internal combustion engines, coal & metal mining, iron & steel industry, engineering, stone, brick, clay & glass industries, textiles, chemicals, public utilities, roads & bridges, rivers & canals, railways, ports & shipping would all be eligible to join.

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   Grand Central Terminal and Mysterious Track 61 Preview Go
Track 61 is a siding in Grand Central that is directly underneath the fabulous Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. Used by several Presidents of the US, mainly FDR. Not only mysterious track 61 at Grand Central, but we cover who owns Grand Central, how it connects to the Subway system, and lots more history.
   Wind Generators Preview Go
On this page you will find wind generators and turbines for sale, Including Bergery Kestrel brands. Also find books to build your own wind generator for your home, home made, best, DIY, how to plans, make a wind generator, homemade, kits, marine, small, used, homebuilt, residential wind generator.
   Railroad Tunnels and Bridges Preview Go
A collection of information about railroad tunnels (mostly going under water) and railroad bridges going over water. Included are: the Great Railroad Bridge at Poughkeepsie; NY City subway tunnels; Montreal's Mount Royal Tunnel; Albany NY bridges.

   WWII Army Jeeps: History, Origin, & Types Information Preview Go
All about the WWII Military Jeep built by Ford and Willys. Used as a weapons platform for 50cal, 30 cal, BAR pedestal or dash mount.
   Canals and the ships who are using them. Preview Go
Interface to search pictures about canals and the ships who are using them published on usenet by using usenet-replayer's long time archive and web based news server.
   The Minersville Area Miners Memorial Preview Go
A pictorial and historical review of a statue to the anthracite coal miner in central Pennsylvania, USA.
   Foxfield Railway Virtual Stocklist Preview Go
The collection of industrial locomotives and rolling stock at the Foxfield Railway, England, described for enthusiasts, historians, model-makers, and hopefully future visitors or old friends who share a passion for preserving part of Britain's vanishing industrial heritage. For the official Foxfield Railway website see http://www.foxfieldrailway.co.uk.
   Cultural Landscapes and Industrial Archaeology Preview Go
This site presents topics of cultural landscape research at the Institut of Geographie, University of Hamburg (Germany).
   Eccles, Manchester, area history, and canals. Preview Go
A brief history of the Eccles area, and its canals. The Bridgewater canal, the Manchester ship canal, the steam hammer and Friedrich Engels are all here. The Eccles area played a major part in the industrial revolution, which changed the world forever.
   iRail Railway Search Engine Preview Go
The best place to find the railway sites you want!

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