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1 Ring of the Nibelung Webring

Manager: odinsgift
Paganism > Asatru

This webring connects sites by and for Asatru resp. Heathens. We trust in the Aesir and Vanir, the Scandinavian, Norse, Germanic and Anglo-Saxon Gods and Goddesses.

Also welcome are sites about Germanic history, language, literature, culture, archeology, mythology and creative sites. The purpose of this ring is to promote sites of interest to those practicing the ancient pre-christian religion now known as Asatru or Heathenry.

Please note that sites which display racism or intolerance towards other ways of life or religion, will not be included in this webring. Welcome and wassail!



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   Odin's Gift - Heathen Poetry & Music Collection Preview Go
Over 800 Asatru poems - modern, classical and translations. Heathen Songbook Online with MP3. Huge link collection to heathen poetry and music. Submissions welcome!

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   The Volsung Kindred Preview Go
A Wisconsin Asatru Kindred.
   Išunna's Grove Preview Go
Išunna's Grove investigates the lore and ritual of the Norse traditions. We revere the Asir and the Vanir. Also a page on Runecraft.

   Ragnheid's poetry pages Preview Go
Poetry, description, opinions from 'liberal heathenism', images and other accounts: anthropology of seidr and heathenism.

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