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Geeks - The Geek ring is a collection of - you guessed it - geeky sites. You must either be a geek or at least have a page about

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Manager: tattooed_ogre
The Geek ring is a collection of - you guessed it - geeky sites. You must either be a geek or at least have a page about geekiness to join. Many people think that you have to be a computer genius to be a geek - this is not true at all! There are many geeks who have never even used a computer! Being a geek is all about being yourself, original, unique, like no one else. If you think you qualify, JOIN! Check us out, you might actually fit in!


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   The Home of Stevis Preview Go
This site is my tribute to geek-dom. I've been a computer geek since I was 8, and I have no intention of ever stopping!
   Bonni's Personal Pages: Geek Preview Go
I've been on the net since 1993, I own my own 24/7 server, I used to work at an ISP, and I married a bloke I met on the net. Geeky enough for you? ;-P
   Andrew James Bromage Preview Go
Personal homepage of a GenX Australian programmer and all around geek.

   Dennette's Mensa Page Preview Go
Enter the world of "homeboy sapiens africanus" and experience the Dark Side of superior intellect.
   Arieluma - an Aion fanlisting Preview Go
Arieluma is the fanlisting for the online game Aion, also known as Aion: The Tower of Eternity. Aion is a visually stunning massively multiplayer online role-playing game featuring cutting-edge imagery, breathtaking environments, and a unique fantasy world. You play a pivotal role in the fate of Atreia, a world torn asunder by two rival factions and an ancient evil locked in a war to rule the skies.
   David Howe Preview Go
Beyond words.
   A Systems Engineering Guide to Dating and Relationships Preview Go
Can't find a date? Use this systems engineering based approach to finding true happiness. Guaranteed to work!
   Monika's Site Preview Go
Shareware downloads, geeky links, webpage adoptables (star wars, xfiles, evil dead, LOTR), pictures, and a cheese poll...
   The Niche Preview Go
Geeky links, Commodore 64 stuff
   United Webring of Geeks Chat Preview Go
This is the chatroom site for the United Webring of Geeks.

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