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Garden Blogs

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Garden Blogs is a collection of websites that provide gardening information such as descriptions of plants, trees, shrubs, bulbs, water plants, marsh plants, soil amendments, propagation, insect pests, and many other topics related to gardening. This webring has something for every type of gardener from beginner to experienced to the specialty gardener. If you're looking for information on gardening, or just trying to pass the time until you can get your hands in the dirt again, you'll love surfing these blogs.


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   Gardens-In-The-Sand Preview Go
Gardens in the Sand is an exploration of xeriscape gardening. Set in the middle of a hawthorn thicket, it's a process of removing thorns and planting flowers & vegetables.

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   Cove Rock Farm Preview Go
Simple farm life, gardening, and herbal medicine in Southern Appalachia.
   Richiesoft Garden Blog Preview Go
Diary of a novice gardener recording activities in my garden in pictures and words in North Wales, UK

   Another Yard in Fort Pierce Preview Go
Come by and watch my trials & tribulations growing Palm Trees, Tropical Plants, Orchids, and anything else I can in My Yard in Fort Pierce FL. Lots and Lots pf pictures!
   Here we go! Life with the Shibaguyz... Preview Go
Two guys from Seattle lovin' the life we've made for ourselves. It's been an incredible ride and we're taking you along with us from now on. There's a lot to look at here but we do a lot of living! So pour yourself a glass of wine and take your time exploring this representation of our corner of the world. WELCOME!! Here we go!
   Bliss Preview Go
Interior and Garden Designer from the Netherlands blogs about her garden and potager, and sometimes about her cats.
   A Gardener in France Preview Go
British garden designers Colin and Marie-Chantal Elliott moved to central France to run The Garden Design Academy, which provides courses in gardening, garden design and horticulture by distance learning. Colin shares his passion for plants, gardening, the countryside and their new French lifestyle.
   Organic Budgette Preview Go
I'm a mom working to feed a family of 4 on a budget of about $100 a week. To help feed my family the highest quality possible on this budget I am planting our first organic garden. I plan on keeping this garden fruitful year round using a small corner of our backyard and using as many free and cheap methods I can. Follow our progress, ups, downs, failures and victories. Hopefully it will help you find the path to feeding your family as well as possible on a budget.
   Tales of a Welsh Allotment Preview Go
Diary of my adventures at the allotment/polytunnel as I struggle with the Welsh climate. I'm not a proper gardener, but having a whole lot of fun learning!
   From Seed To ......... Preview Go
I am growing trees and bushes from seeds. I am experimenting with various methods to see which one is the best. Along with that, I will also be giving various gardening tips.

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