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Feng Shui RPG
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Feng Shui RPG

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A ring dedicated to the roleplaying game Feng Shui written by Robin D Laws and published by Atlas games and all the campaigns, rules variants, game worlds and general ideas that this game has inspired.

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   Chthonic Games Preview Go
Feng Shui material including the predictable custom archetypes and locations, but featuring extensive listings of Schticks for GMs and PCs.
   Comrades In Arms: Pop-culture Feng Shui RPG Adaptations Preview Go
A collection of multimedia characters adapted by members of the Feng Shui Mailing List for use as non-player characters, or to illustrate the versatility of the Feng Shui rules. Be it Ash from THE EVIL DEAD, Godzilla, or the cast of BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA themselves, you're liable to find them here, adapted in Feng Shui terms.
   The Unofficial Feng Shui Home Page Preview Go
Perhaps still the largest accumulation of Feng Shui material on the Web; certainly the most static.

   The Genocide Lounge Preview Go
Scenarios, minor factions, feng shui site details, and more. Also the home of the unofficial Feng Shui FAQ.
   F'eng Slow Preview Go
A Slowly developing Feng Shui site, mostly covering cross-overs with other game systems.
   Seas of Chaos Preview Go
Our various bizarre conversions of Feng Shui to non-standard settings.
   Days of the Kami Preview Go
Feng Shui PBeM game set in Rokugan, the L5R universe. It is the beginning of the reign of Hantei the Fourth, and some of the Great Kami still walk the earth. Extensive weapons list, schticks, etc., usable for "Juncture 69 AD" games.
   House, Clan, Empire Preview Go
A zip archive of my friend Oscar Ubeda-Segmar's notes and rules for playing with mechas in Feng Shui.
   Wings of Honor Preview Go
Pulp Feng Shui in the Disunited America of 1937, as decribed in FASA's Crimson Skies aerial boardgame.

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