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Epilepsy Web Ring - The Epilepsy Web Ring is a group of sites for anybody who has a seizure problem, or has a loved one with epilepsy. We ar

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Epilepsy Web Ring

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The Epilepsy Web Ring is a group of sites for anybody who has a seizure problem, or has a loved one with epilepsy. We are an Epilepsy Circle of Support member group.


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   The VNS from a Patient's Point of View Preview Go
Information about the Vagus Nerve Stimulator written in non-medical terminology. Lots of pictures.
   Epilepsy in young children Preview Go
This site is intended to support parents and other caregivers of children with epilepsy. The main portion of this site consists of stories of individual children. The information in each of these stories is contributed by the parents (or other caregivers). These stories are used to create information regarding the effectiveness of treatments per diagnosis.
   EPILEPSY-L: On-line Epilepsy Support Group Preview Go
EPILEPSY-L is an E-mail based support group for people with epilepsy and those who care about and for them. People with epilepsy (PwEs), parents of children with epilepsy, family and friends of PwEs, and health professionals who work with PwEs are all welcome to join.

   Advanced Bio-Energy & CranioSacral Therapy Preview Go
DO YOU NEED HELP WITH A BRAIN / SPINAL / NEUROLOGICAL DISORDER or a difficult medical problem? CranioSacral Therapy (CST)is a wonderful method - safe, gentle and non-invasive and gives remarkable results, but you must find a skilled practitioner. E.g. used for Autism, Chronic Fatigue, Endometriosis, Fibromyalgia, Hemangioma, Depression, Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson's, Multiple sclerosis,
   Kuekids Australia Preview Go
Kuekids Australia provides information and links to support, especially for Australian parents of children with uncontrolled epilepsy. It provides information on alternative treatments including the ketogenic diet and also how to use the ketogenic diet when your child has food intolerances.
   Epilepsy Cures Preview Go
This blog was originally dedicated to ways of finding permanent cures for epilepsy. With some 20% of suspected epileptics being misdiagnosed this is not so much looking for miracles as focusing on accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatments. As I've been writing I will soon expand to include ways for epileptics to gain financial freedom through the internet... that bit coming very
Dream catcher site for epilepsy & head injury awareness--"read-Jake-and-donate"--Jake Smith, a fictional ranching-wrangling ex-rodeo cowboy, with his twin sister's love, gang of buddies, and new wife,learns to overcome head injury, seizures and speech loss, the good 'ol cowboy way--true heroes are those that daily rebuild, from loss. All funds go to listed donations.
   FamilyFunAbilities Preview Go
This family friendly site promotes family fun, family health and special needs support for family life with disability.
   My Life with Epilepsy Preview Go
my story of epilepsy
   Epilepsy Advocates Preview Go
We are a group of people that are striving to help make a difference in the lives of people suffering from Epilepsy. We may come from many diverse backgrounds but the one thing that ties us together is our desire to help improve the lives of those suffering from Epilepsy.

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