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Enneagram Counseling, Support and Books - For those sites containing information about the Enneagram, including book/tape lists, counseling services, type descrip
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Enneagram Counseling, Support and Books

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For those sites containing information about the Enneagram, including book/tape lists, counseling services, type descriptions, commentary, history, etc.

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   My Moti Map for peak performance Preview Go
Self understanding of individual character traits is critical to achieving motivated output.
   El Arte De la Personalidad Preview Go
El Arte de la Personalidad: viajando hacia el interior del ser humano a través del eneagrama, la psicología, el arte y lo transpersonal.
   Enneagram Studies Program of Conexions, Palo Alto,CA Preview Go
The Enneagram is a model that describes nine different personality types and their interrelationships. Each type has its own way of viewing life, its own mental and emotional preoccupations, and its own talents and abilities. The best way of learning the Enneagram is by directly experiencing and listening to the people who inhabit the nine types. We, therefore, offer this material in

   MotionMind Leadership Coaching, Group Coaching, Relat Preview Go
MotionMind provides coaching of all types. Individual Leadership Coaching, Group Coaching, Relationship/Systems Coaching, Team Building Workshops and Intensives. Learn about your personality with our enneagram types. We also offer Free Consultations.
   Enneagram Institute of Tampa Bay Preview Go
Web site of the Enneagram Institute of Tampa Bay
   Soul Energy Exploration Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Description: Are you an Enneagram enthusiast, coach or consultant? TriUnity Transformations "Soul Energy Exploration" site is an online resource for: 1. Delivering straightforward, validating, encouraging Soul Type (Enneatype) interpretations. 2. Going beyond the Enneagram and stretching your understanding of Soul, by reaching to grasp emotional energy and life energy.
   Integral Personality Preview Go
A blog about a bunch of theory about human personality: Spiral Dynamics, Enneagram and others. In French
   ninevoices.com Preview Go
We provide seminars and workshops in basic and advanced Enneagram studies. We are member of the IEA and have links from our site to the IEA
   Enneagram workshops: compassion through awareness Preview Go
Compassion through awareness workshops on the Enneagram, Psychosynthesis, Logotherapy. Counselling and psychotherapy for families, couples and individuals.
   Institut Francais de l'Enneagramme Preview Go
Developed by Fabien and Patricia Chabreuil, the French Institute of the Enneagram site presents a description of the Enneagram and of its position in France: books, workshops, etc. It offers new information every month by means of FAQ along with articles, film analysis and a message board.

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