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Druids & Celtic Spirituality - The Druid's Path & Celtic Spirituality is an online resource community: A growing network of Druid related sites on

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Druids & Celtic Spirituality

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The Druid's Path & Celtic Spirituality is an online resource community: A growing network of Druid related sites on the internet.


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   Inland Empire Pagan Network Preview Go
A site for pagans in the Inland Empire region of Southern California to make contacts and find local resources.
   The Wisdom of the Celts - Medieval Poetry Preview Go
New translations from medieval Welsh and Irish manuscripts. Timeless wisdom and sublime poetry inspired by the natural world. Texts from the Irish Threes (or 'Triads') and from The Red Book of Hergest (the Mabinogion manuscript). The Afterword looks at the nature of Celtic poetry and art, and tackles the vexed question of the Celts in British and Irish history.
   The Celtics Preview Go
An ongoing study and collection of Celtic information including art, the festivals, their lifestyles and my genealogical Celtic lines.

   Circle of the Southern Cross Preview Go
At the moment it's mainly Sabbats/Esbats but I will be adding articles by various friends and fellow pagans - including yours, hopefully!
   Kirsten's Realm Preview Go
Celtic Pagan/Druid spirituality site.
   Mitoloxia Asturiana Asturian Myths and Celtic Culture Preview Go
An approach to the Celtic roots of Celtic culture. Option to download my essay on the matter. Learn about Asturias, the least known of all Celtic nations.
   Druid Planet Preview Go
This site is designed for those who are interested in knowing more than rituals or the basics of Druidism. The site contains information on history, sabbats, implements, symbols, ogham, stones and gems, herbs, lost tribes, the connection between druidism and other pagan beliefs, and a whole lot more.
   Three Signs of Wisdom - Medieval Celtic Poetry & Music Preview Go
Thor Ewing and Anne Marie Summers present new translations of ancient proverbial triads from Ireland and haunting thousand-year-old Welsh wisdom poetry, interwoven with ancient themes on harp, pipes, hurdy gurdy, pibcorn and other instruments, with songs and tunes from medieval Celtic tradition, including music from the famous Robert ap Huw manuscript.
   Norin's Heathen & Pagan Corner Preview Go
I am a Irish-Celtic Reconstructionalist. On this site you'll find Resources, Poetry, Links, more... You're also welcome to join my MSN Group (link on Index page). BB - Norin
   Whispering Woods Preview Go
A huge resource for the intermediate to advanced pagan. Free wiccan classes offered. Sponsored by the Whispering Woods coven.

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