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Dragon-Ring - This webring contains sites for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and sites to other great role playing games.

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This webring contains sites for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and sites to other great role playing games.

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   The Thieves Guild of Suzdal Preview Go
The Guild contains Chornalth adventures, a custom campaign world incoporating many elements from TSR worlds as well as custom races, classes, kits, nations, and deities. Also has a message board, sci-fi area, and a small area for Shadowrun and Mechwarrior
   Arcane Cavalier Preview Go
A d20 Prestige Class for Dungeons & Dragons. Sometimes wizards and sorcerers forge mystical bonds with their mounts, usually the result of casting beneficial spells on their mount (Spider Climb, Haste, Bullís Strength, etc). This bond results in the mount gaining special magical abilities and the rider achieving a state of oneness with their chosen mount.
   The Live Land Of Make-Believe Preview Go
The Winds of Change MUD is an exciting adventure where role-playing is encouraged, and rewarded, but is not a pre-requisite. We are one of the more friendly muds on the net. We have dedicated builders that are constantly expanding and changing our world. Check us out at: footprints.net port:9001 or Port:9001

   Is D&D Evil? An Educated & Enlightened Rebuttal Preview Go
Some religious folks claim D&D is evil, satanic and will make your children commit suicide. Here is the honest truth people: Its just a game and its usually played by adults. Its no different than playing "Final Fantasy" on the computer except it uses dice. Kind of like Monopoly, but no one says Monopoly is satanic or suicidal.
   Dragon Scales World of Wonders Preview Go
A little bit of everything from mages, clerics, spells, magic items, classes, monsters and much much more
   Korovia - The Free License Fantasy World Preview Go
Korovia is a Free License Fantasy World for fantasy authors. As a shared brand people can write stories and novels set in the fantasy world of Korovia, sell them on Amazon Kindle, and make a profit off your books without having to pay a royalty. See the Korovia website for full details.
   Maxham Presents Lords of War Preview Go
Free open source roleplay card game. Download the rules and graphics, print and play. Can join our beta test group. Ongoing development towards a computer version.

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