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DNA Surname Projects : Genetics for Genealogy.
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DNA Surname Projects : Genetics for Genealogy.

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Manager: pcramwinckel
This webring is meant for surname studies that use DNA testing (Y-chromosome, mtDNA) to establish relatedness among siblings, cousins and branches. Only web sites with a Surname DNA testing co-ordinator can participate in this webring.

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   DorseyDarseyDarcyDawseyDosseyD'Arcy DNA Project Preview Go
The purpose of this project is to find out whether the surnames Dorsey, Dawsey, Darsey, Dossey, D’Arcy or other variant spellins share a common origin with any or all of the others, to group Dorsey (et al) descendants into patrilineal lines, and to recruit Dorsey (et al) males from Ireland and England in an attempt to pinpoint origins of American Dorseys.
   Corson Surname DNA Project Preview Go
This site coordinates and shows results for the Corson Surname DNA Project. Those variant surnames such as Colson, Courson, Corsen, Corssen, and Vroom also may benefit by joining this project.
   Stewart Stuart Surname Genealogy DNA Project Preview Go
A project to determine common ancestors of Stewart branches of families in the Southern US region during the colonial period using DNA with genealogical documentation.

   Mills DNA Project Preview Go
Mills Surname DNA sudy to determine common DNA lines that are related. All Mills men are welcome to particapate in either the 12 or 25 Y-DNA Marker test or the mtDNA test.
   Barbee's Crossroads - Barbee DNA Study Preview Go
This site is devoted to Barbee genealogy and the Barbee surname DNA project. All major Barbee lines in the U.S. are covered.
   Stonehewer to Stanier DNA Project Preview Go
These pages describe the DNA Project set up by the Stonehewer to Stanier Society; initially, to test our theory that all people born with the surname Stanier (or variant spellings) descend from the same family in 16th century Staffordshire
   BNL_dna Project: Bonnell Bunnell Burnell Preview Go
DNA results for Bonnell, Bunnell, Burnell, and other spelling variations, hence the BNL title. Started with United States & Canada, but interested in World-Wide participation.
   Adams Surname DNA Project Preview Go
A place to share Adams and related surnames Y-DNA results.
   DeLoach DNA Project Preview Go
The objective of the DeLoach DNA Project is to help answer these questions: Where did Michel DesLoges live before coming to America? Was his surname DesLoges, Deloges, DeLoche, or some other surname? Are all DeLoach families in the USA descended from Michel DesLoges? Can the DeLoach families in the USA be connected to a DesLoges family in France? Can a comm
   Barnett and Barney Surname DNA Project Preview Go
Visit our website for the latest on the Barnett and Barney surname and DNA

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