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The Diplomacy Ring - The Diplomacy Ring is for players of Avalon Hill's game of Diplomacy. Brought to you by The Diplomatic Pouch, http://www
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The Diplomacy Ring

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Manager: dippouch
The Diplomacy Ring is for players of Avalon Hill's game of Diplomacy. Brought to you by The Diplomatic Pouch, http://www.diplom.org.

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   Diplomacy World Preview Go
Home page of Diplomacy World, the long-time flagship zine of the Diplomacy hobby. Available in pdf format free of charge, approximately 4 times per year. Site includes back issues, news, links, and other Diplomacy-related content.
   Diplomacy World Preview Go
The official site of Yahoo Clubs: Diplomacy World.
   The Diplomacy Game Forums Preview Go
Forums created for the purpose of playing the Diplomacy Game and creating a great Diplomacy Community.

   BOUNCED Preview Go
Diplomacy web-based game server. All games are adjucated by the computer and have a human GM. Graphic interface has all press, moves, maps, history, and other information. Rankings and committment ratings kept for each player.
   Rob Addison's Diplomacy Maps Preview Go
Downloadable maps for Standard Diplomacy and many variants, including Modern, Empire, South America and more.
   Diplomiscellany Preview Go
A compendium of Diplomacy related information, including, among other things, the Model House Rules for Non-Judge E-Mail Diplomacy, the home pages for the Mandate of Heaven and Maharajah's Diplomacy Variants, and articles on general game strategy and philosophy.
   Diplomacy Statistics Preview Go
Site dedicated to analyzing the results of various Diplomacy games started and finished on Tom Tweedy's Dip2000 site.
   John's Diplomacy Site Preview Go
Growing site with links, strategies, and variants!
   Dutch Diplomacy Association Preview Go
Website dedicated to F2F play in the Netherlands
   Shorthand, The Diplomacy Press Variant Preview Go
Shorthand is an option for playing the game Diplomacy where messages between players are restricted to a simple code for example F proposes G ally target A

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