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Civil War Reenactors

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Manager: idowebsites
Websites for the true Civil War Re-enactor who demands authentically styled, high quality performances.





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   Thomas Eishen Online Preview Go
Contains a collection of Civil War battlefield photographs and a very large list of reenactment units.

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   ACWGC Union Army Headquarters Preview Go
Main portal website for the American Civil War Game Club's Union Army "Military Group!" From here visitors can link to all other Union Army websites, including the four, active field army websites, the Union Military Academy, the Union Army Library and other interesting and informative locations.
Home of the American Civil War Game Club's Army of the Tennessee, one of four current "field armies" in active service for the "Union Army." AotT members post muster once each month while pursuing their common interest in playing PBEM Civil War games with "Rebel" opponents. HPS Simulations, Matrix, and WCS games titles.

   ACWGC Union Army Recruiting Station Preview Go
Gateway to joining the American Civil War Game Club's Union Army! Founded in 1997 the ACWGC supports the sanctioned, PBEM internet competition of re-fighting the small, medium and great battles and campaigns of the American Civil War, produced by HPS Simulations and Matrix Games, the members supplying their own "arsenals!" The ACWGC Union Army consists of all of those club members who have chosen to wear the blue in their club "careers," its members currently being assigned to one of four "field armies" and giving battle to those club members wearing the gray!
   Company C - 1st United States Sharpshooters Preview Go
This is the website for the 1st United States Sharpshooters Company C, American Civil War reenactment group participating in the Midwest USA.
   ACWGC Union Military Academy Preview Go
Gateway portal of the American Civil War Game Club's (ACWGC) Union Military Academy, where "cadets" become "commissioned Union Army officers" and go on to prosecute the war and suppress the Rebellion of the CSA members. Sanctioned games shown on home page of academy. Players responsible for their own game "arsenals."
   The 29th Tennessee C.S.A. Preview Go
This page covers both the hisory of the original 29th and the modern 29th.
   15th Arkansas Preview Go
We are a Civil War Reenactment Group located in New Jersey. We portray the 15th Arkansas Company C - "Yell Rifles."
   Echo Vintage, Clothing, Shoes and Accessories Preview Go
Historically accurate, reproduction clothing for the Civil War re-enactor. Custom made reproduction clothing made from Vintage Patterns of all eras, specializing in Civil War Era and 30s 50s styles. Authentic Vintage Clothing, Shoes and Accessories, Quilts, Home Accessories, Vintage Sewing Patterns from 1860-1960.
   The Civil War Message Forum Preview Go
A place for people to come and discuss their favorite civil war topics such as books and authors, genealogy, games, favorites battles and strategies and anything else pertaining to the civil war

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