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CCD Astrophotography

Manager: cygonaut
Astronomy > Astrophotography
CCD Astrophotography, help, hints, pictures, etc. This WebRing is designed to help new users get the help they need to start taking pictures. Members of this ring are here to help answer questions and give advice. If you wish to join and pass on your knowledge, please do so.


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   Horseappleacres Observatory Preview Go
a site primarily for astronomical use with a second view for nature including nature photography

Start a new discussion or ask this community a question
   Nebulae Preview Go
A group for the posting of photos of accumulations of interstellar gas, plasma and dust, and discussions of the same. Yes, these images tend to be digital for obvious reasons - the light from 900 light years away can be a little faint.
   CCD Astrophotography Preview Go
CCD Astrophotography

   Astronomy Made Easy Preview Go
A site dedicated to getting astronomers started. Also tips on Autostar use, astrophotography, and LXD55 care.
   Ash Observatory Preview Go
Construction of my Roll Off Roof Observatory. Also have pages on my astro imaging which includes a Lunar 100 pages and a Messier 110 page. I also have a page on reviews on my equipment and software used.
   Starguider - Marinos' amateur Astronomy web place Preview Go
Amateur Astronomy website. Astrophotography with a peltier cooled modified webcam (ToUCam Pro 840K), telescope enhancements and various astro-projects. Site in Greek & English language.
   Urbania ITALY CCD Astrophotography Preview Go
Some CCD photos from Urbania (ITALY) G.A.U. Gruppo Astrofili Urbaniesi Michele Trungadi and Pierluigi Orazi
   Observatorio Astronomico Los Estancos Preview Go
Webcam astrophotography, Telescope and observatory making, astronomy resources.
   Astrograph, a Amateur-Astrophotography site Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Astro-pictures and useful informations for Hobby Astronomers
   Steve Lee's Pages of Astronomy Preview Go
Telescope Making, CCD images and techniques, astro-photography, software.

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