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Manager: alicorna
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This is a webring by and for bloggers. Sites include actual weblogs/blogs/journals, and also meta-blogging sites offering information about blogging (how to get started, tips and tricks, and so on).



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   SocioSphere Editorials Preview Go
This blog serves as the editorial section for the SocioSphere webzine, focusing on a critical analysis of the human social condition. The author is a professor of sociology (Ph.D.).

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   So anyway... Preview Go
Ramblings of a somewhat amusing and occasionally thoughtful permanently expatriate American geek designer/artist living happily in Melbourne, Australia. Or something.
   Fantastic art shows Blog Preview Go
Contemporary fantastic personal art shows, witches, fairies and mermaids, fantasy art, painting and graphics

   Grandson of Sam Preview Go
A blog by Ray Nichols.
   Jimmy MacDonald's Webring Blog Preview Go
Personal/family profiles: Photos, photo guestbook, guestbooks, slideshows, videos & music video playlists. my God page: spirituality: beliefs, faith etc.
   How E ! How To Do What Online ! Preview Go
This is my contribution to help people who want to know how to do anything on the Internet
   Using WebRing Code on BlogSpot Accounts with BloggerPro Preview Go
It's not much of a Blog just yet, but perhaps the fact that it ALSO contains the key to installing WebRing codes on BloggerPro will make this page more useful than any indiscriminate postings I could ever make!
   Mabel's Blog Preview Go
Diary notes and quotes on dreams, story and poetry
   Flags-of-Nations World Flag designs Preview Go
Flags-of-Nations - World Flag designs. The first company that sold my designs was CafePress. Now I have shops all over the Internet: Zazzle, Inktastic, Printfection,Skreened, and Spreadshirt, All of them work differently, some take as little as 10 minutes to add a design, others take several hours. So, what you will find and where depends a lot on how long I must spend to add an image on the various products. This blog tells you where you can find what.
   Creating Blogs! Preview Go
Creating blogs with, some advanced templates can be accessed with a design forum of 12 catagories with 4 to 12 designs each for a background in which your blog is transparent scrolling over the design. I have added links to my other blogs that you may want to look at, if just for the design ideas! Have fun! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

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