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Bloggers Over Forty - This is a webring for bloggers who are 40 in age, and other than all being forty or over, the members of this ring are a
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Bloggers Over Forty

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Manager: alicorna
This is a webring for bloggers who are 40 in age, and other than all being forty or over, the members of this ring are a pretty diverse bunch of people, with interesting, amusing, topical, and entertaining things to say. Life may or may not begin at forty, but these bloggers are certainly full of life, and they write about it.


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   La Vita Fragrante Preview Go
A weblog dedicated to a personal and professional passion for perfume. Includes perfume reviews, book reviews, essential oil information, and my own adventures in natural perfumery, as I slowly learn this art.
   So anyway... Preview Go
Ramblings of a somewhat amusing and occasionally thoughtful permanently expatriate American geek designer/artist living happily in Melbourne, Australia. Or something.
   Diary of a Suburban Housewife Preview Go
The pithy ramblings of a 40+ wife, mother, career woman.

   Lycka Preview Go
Lycka means Happiness and I guess I'm mostly happy these days. Always wanted to be 40 - I thought it would be a time when life would be comfortable. Seems I was more or less right about that. These are my frequent rambles about my life as a 40 year old gay bloke in Britain. Sometimes it's more interesting than others. But hey, that's life!
   This That & The Other Thing Preview 1 review(s) — Go
The home of the TT&TOT Gang, six lively and beautiful cats, five adult beans and two minor beans. I'm a remarried widow blogging about my feline friends and whatever else hits my fancy. :)
   How to Become a Hero Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Explore the intersection of right livelihood, life purpose, helping others, and spirituality with C.J. Hayden, author of Get Clients NOW!
   Marn's Big Adventure Preview 1 review(s) — Go
The life and times of a woman who makes Emily Dickinson look like a party animal.
   Club Adipose - The Geeks' Diet Club Preview Go
A science fiction and geek culture themed blog about diet and weight loss. Each week I try a diet inspired by a different science fiction, fantasy or geek culture character.
   Mystical Poetry and Politics Preview Go
Mystical poetry and prose about spirituality, religion, dreams, death, war, peace, politics, Earth, nature, love, etc. You will also find interesting and informative posts on a wide variety of subjects. My poetry videos are also included.....Enjoy the trip... :)
   Glynn's Blog Preview Go
A real mixture of business, fun, unusual and free stuff this site should be fully explored and regularly checked

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