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Linking Atari Computer Users sites together


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   Atari Small Fry Preview Go
This site has been around since 1998 and has been dedicated to my life with Atari computers.

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   Atari SDG Preview Go
SDG - Statistical Data Graphics for ATARI 8 bits
   My atari home-page Preview Go
WWW.MR-ATARI.COM Welcome to my ATARI-homepage!

   CyberRoach Preview Go
Has CyberRoach Magazine (classic gaming mag with lots of cool stuff - for example World Of Atari report), virtual Odyssey^2 museum and classic video game book lists. Check it out!
   Page 6 - New Atari User - Magazine Preview Go
This site is the official on-line archive of Page 6 - the magazine for the dedicated Atari user. Page 6, subsequently renamed New Atari User, was published in the UK between 1983 and 1998.
   Megabyte's Jaguar Domain Preview Go
Enter the Domain for Atari Graphics, and Jaguar news.
An Arcade Cabinet With An Intellivision Theme.
   Toronto Atari Federation Preview Go
The Toronto Atari Federation is North America's Largest Atari Computer Club. Phoenix, the clubs award winning newsletter, is published 10 times per year. We have also put on several successful ACE conventions as well as offered training courses.
   BavariaEventManager and Seebear - Homepage Preview Go
You can download my Freeware: Seebear a Program to control the ontime of your ATARI and BavariaEventManager, a program to automate stupid things
   The Downloading Spot Preview Go
A must see! Download your own Atari emulator so you can play all your classics right on your own Pc. Also check out my library of over 800 atari roms and demo roms for your downloading pleasure.

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