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Manager: okieshadow
Pages having anything to do with the Sci-Fi Roleplaying Game Alternity, by Wizards of The Coast.


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   Big Ideas, Grand Vision Preview 1 review(s) — Go
The year is 2350, and a new civilisation is emerging. The question is: who gets to define it? Culture clashes with culture, philosophy with philosophy. Technologies recombine into something new, something that can transform humanity or destroy it.
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   Melcores Universe Preview Go
My page contains facts about my game universe and the things in it, as well as info about my online Alternity game
   A Bridge to Our Nexus Preview Go
Our Nexus is an ever expandinng resource of Origional Alternity and Ad&d material with shareware, games and free art.

   Uncle Jimbo's Bug Huntin' Range Preview Go
My settings and concepts for Alternity: Nemesis Gate - a jumpgate-based campaign set in late PL 6. Dark Matter - my additions to the conspiracy. The Orthopteroids - a major new alien species. Space Spores - mini-settings. Spot Rules. Fantasy Settings - d20 goodness.
   VoidRunner: An Alternity Campaign Preview Go
This site contains all information about my own personal Alternity campaign. We have sections on new alien races, ships ranging in size from small to Capital class (as well as Organic ships), planets and systems, and a whole slew of other things. Also, I keep a weekly GM's log of my group's adventures in my universe. Check it out!
   Alternity Preview Go
Pages having anything to do with the Sci-Fi Roleplaying Game Alternity, by Wizards of The Coast.
   The Unknown World Grimore Preview Go
This site details the creation process of a new Alternity universe. Each step of the process is explained as it is done. Also provided are links to all of the resources used in the creation of this new game environment.
   The Paradox Page Preview Go
Ideas for the Alternity RPG. Includes different campaign settings, items you might see in the future, and my take of various game rules.
   Independent Verge Developments Preview Go
Visit the IVD Orca for a look at a detailed new star system, two new alien species, and a handful of new spaceships.
   Tallentyre's Hompage Preview Go
A description of Tallentyre's characters and links to online roleplaying sites

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