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Senior Health & Wellness

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Manager: wr__tj

Websites dealing with the health issues affecting senior citizens are included here. Appropriate topics may include diseases primarily affecting the elderly such as dementia or Alzheimers. It may also include services for the elderly. Alternative healing methods are especially included. The ring includes sites that encourage the protection of the elderly from medical exploitation and euthanasia.


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   Dyslexia Health Education Association Preview Go
is on Dyslexia, Health, Education, and a lot more as well check it out and see for your self.

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   Truman's Turf Preview Go
In Jan. of 2008, I suffered two strokes, this is my story.
   The VNS from a Patient's Point of View Preview Go
Information about the Vagus Nerve Stimulator. The VNS is an implant device used in the treatment of epilepsy.

   Cabinet d'Osteopathie Eric Demers D.O. Preview Go
Eric Demers, D.O., offre des traitements d'Osteopathic dans la rue Jerome, Québec.
   Tealady's Costume Parlour Preview Go
I am a senior who still feels like a young girl. Having always loved dressing up and costumes, now I collect them and sell them on eBay. I love shopping for my treasures more than anything.
   Medicine Lodge Preview Go
Massages and the Guild, Medicine Lodge
   Thyroid Disease Information Site Preview Go
A website dedicated to bringing together information on the diagnosis, treatment and management of both hyper and hypothryoidism with a forum for discussion
   Free information about yoga Preview Go
Articles, information and resources on the subject of yoga for those thinking about taking up the practice of yoga.
   Nabil Daoud MD Preview Go
Locked-in syndromphysically disabled peopleComputer-assistive technology
   Computers for Retirees Preview Go
A free online computer book geared toward seniors and retirees. All 27 chapters online.

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