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Yu-Gi-Oh ! Webring - The Yu-gi-oh webring gathers the best sites about Kazuki Takahashi's masterpiece. If you are the webmaster of a page abo

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Yu-Gi-Oh ! Webring

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The Yu-gi-oh webring gathers the best sites about Kazuki Takahashi's masterpiece. If you are the webmaster of a page about Yu-Gi-Oh, big or small, images-based or text-based, please join us. YUGIOH and all related images and charatcers are copywrites of 4KIDS ENTERTAINMENT and their respective companies, and are not affiliates with this WebRing

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   Lord Of The Cards: Version 5.5 Preview Go
Lord of the Cards has ceased to exist, but has only left one thing for all of you...
   Seto Kaiba's Blue Eyes White Dragon Preview Go
this web page has what every duelst needs: Info. Updated almost daily, we have the low down on Cards, stradigies, deck creating, video games, other games that come down the road and info on the series. Also pics and message board. Page Under construction as of now.
   Dark Magican Master Preview Go
it is man cool. they are fixing the downloads but it is great. it has downloads. its getting character bios.and more!!!!!!!!!!!

   The Yugioh Place Preview Go
Gifs,Pics,Fanart,Awards,messege board,chat room, and way more...
   YuGi's Pyramid Preview Go
8 character bios, over 200 pictures, every picture of yugis, pegasus, joey, and kaibas deck. names all the cards, all cards in metalraiders, and legend of blue eyes pack and much much more...
   Yu-Gi Deck!!! Preview Go
All about Yu-Gi-Oh!
   Yu-Gi-Oh! FANARTS GALLERY Preview Go
i've made my site for people to see my Yu-Gi-Oh! fanarts. if you like fanarts and doujinshi, visit my site! i also share the NEWEST YU-GI-OH! MANGA from Japan every week(i write summery in english)!I'm working on interactive CGI games and Virtual Yugioh Character Chat. Please visit me if you're interested!!
   Yami-Yugi's DoJo Preview Go
A great new YugiOh! Website. Gaining popularity fast!!!!!
   Pharonic Star Yu-Gi-Oh! fansite Preview Go
It's currently under construction, but it looks very promising with pictures, episode guides, character cios, info on the card game and much, much more!
   Garrett's Yu-Gi-Oh Site Preview Go
This site has tons of stuff for people who like Yu-Gi-Oh! Pictures, music, info, and more!!!

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