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Yaoi Girls - Just a little place where rabid fangirls can get together.

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Yaoi Girls

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Manager: jianu2000
Just a little place where rabid fangirls can get together.

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   Bishonen Romance Preview Go
Yaoi inspired fiction and comics
   Okashina Okashi Preview Go
This site is home to some DBZ, GW, and Orignal fanfiction, and art! Woo ^_^ Focus is mainly on the DBZ and Original section, but the GW section will grow! ^_^ Lotsa fun fics so relax, read, and enjoy!
   Silver Eternity Preview Go
Shounen-ai/yaoi fanfiction and recs for various fandoms. =^.^= Enjoy!

   Mistaken Heaven Preview Go
a place where yaoi and yuri unites in harmony! "open your heart! open your mind! let the yaoi and yuri come inside!"
   Saikyo Chaos Realm Preview Go
An anime and Street Fighter fan site with insane humor, galleries and a forum for RPG and chatting with others. Mostly for older fans of Street Fighter, Vega/Chun-Li and Sailor Pluto.
   Darkside publishings present, gundam wing! Preview Go
Yaoi, yaoi, yaoi. Hi I'm evil...errr I mean Trixie. My yaoi fam fiction site Includes mostly gundam wing, outlaw star (on the way), and Fake Fan fiction. Which reminds me, I was on a site that had Fake straight couples. how bad is that?
   Munky's Cage of Yaoiness Preview Go
A site for yaoi/slash fanfiction, original fanart, shrines, and obsessive compulsions. Works here range from G-NC-17, so please use the best judgement in what you view. Fiction is from Harry Potter, Gundam Wing, jrock, videogames, and Digimon as well as other fandoms.
   Dueling Hearts Preview Go
A Yu-Gi-Oh site made with adult fans in mind. Here you'll find just about anything Yu-Gi-Oh related from image galleries to fanfiction to doujinshi and more! Brought to you by the same lunatic who gave you the Dragonball Asylum!
   Mixed Emotions Preview Go
Devoted to my personal yaoi obsession, with rantings, wallpapers, my favorite pairings, and my three yaoi stories.
   The Dragonball Asylum Preview Go
A haven for DBZ fans of *all* tastes. Amongst the many rooms here you'll find pics, series info, music, fanfiction, fanart, links and more! Come on over for a visit, we'd love to have you . . .

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