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Wheel Of Time Alliance - For fans of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Series.

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Wheel Of Time Alliance

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Manager: sarpes_xena71_
For fans of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Series.

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   Alternate Pattern Preview Go
We are a Wheel of Time PBeM,always open to new members. Set in an alternate weave of the wheel, this world exists as a variation of the one in the books. Play as an originaly created Whitecloak, Aes Sedai, ruler, Forsaken, tinker, or any other character type from the books! It's all up to you. Visit our website for more information. We look forward to your visit.
   Jairyn's Web Page Preview Go
WoT, Diplomacy, Links, Personal, Yahoo! Group Verilon, Tekken, Cartoon Dolls
   Trolloc Wars Wheel of Time Roleplaying site Preview Go
Trolloc Wars is part of the Wheel of Time community based on Robert Jordan's popular novels. We are a serious roleplaying site set in the time of the Trolloc Wars.

   Shaidar Haran Page Preview Go
The Cavern of Solitude for Wheel of Time Dark Friends...yes, you can leave the mask be hind, and relish in the Dark Prophecies of the Dragons fall....
   Kiserai's Wheel of Time Page Preview Go
Wheel of Time links, some book descriptions, and a map.
   The Wheel of Time Role Playing Game Preview Go
This is a small on-line rpg please visit this site, read some of the entries by the players, if you want to join, e-mail me. It started October 21 st. 1997
   Mike's World Preview Go
Metallica, Wheel Of Time Alliance, personal.
   Far Dareis Mai Preview Go
The official fanlisting for the Wheel of Time character, Aviendha.
Enter Into My Fantasy Realm. Is Karec real or a Figment of my Imagination, You Decide. Robert Jordan Fan For Life! Karec is More than a RP to me, he is the VERY Being of Who I am & Wish to be.
   Dragons Fang MUD's Official Website Preview Go
This site is dedicated to the MUD called Dragons Fang, it is a MUD based on the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Roleplay is the encouraged on the MUD, but it also allows for hack and slash to relieve tension. Try it out if you don't already play there.

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