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Women Fanfiction Writers - A webring to draw together women writers of fanfiction.

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Women Fanfiction Writers

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Manager: theodora_maffat
A webring to draw together women writers of fanfiction.

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   V: The Visitors' Revenge. A RPG for everyone to enjoy. Preview Go
There has never been a war quite as horrific as the one Earth fought against the Sirrian race. Their leaders, Diana in particular, corrupted and murdered for resources humans need to survive. The humans were finally victorious and defeated the aliens. Or so it seemed...? The Sirrians are back, and they want revenge. Come rejoin the Resistance, and fight the second bat
   Anime Literature Preview Go
Website purely for the enjoyment of fan fiction. As of now I have fanfic's on Gundam Wing and Fushigi Yugi. Also here, you can find my own personal stories. In these stories I have created whole new worlds- guys that turn into beasts-elemental beings that are cursed- and girls that can't help but fall in love. Hope you enjoy!
   Return to the Underground Preview Go
Following the further adventures of Sarah and friends in Labyrinth II: Return to the Underground.

   Dead Doll Preview Go
Includes a wide variety of things, fnatasy artwork and LiveJournals where I like to rant about my cynical life, and my own non-beliefs in today's world and general pessimistic/artistic rants...
   genessa -- SMILES! doctor who fanfiction Preview Go
Time travel to a terrible time! It's long, it's intense, Captain Jack is in it... what more could you want? WARNING: GRAPHIC VIOLENCE! It's 1941, Alsace, occupied France....
   genessa -- green and heroes Preview Go
Gail M Feldman's Quantum Leap fanfiction short stories "Green" and "Heroes," the latter following on the heels of the former.
   genessa -- junk! Preview Go
JUNK, crossover fanfiction merging the worlds of The Professionals (British cop/spy show from past decades) and Quantum Leap (American time travel show from 1990s. Sam leaps into London in the 1980s, right into the custody of a not-too-sympathetic Doyle and Body....

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