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The Women's Webring - All things about women, females, girls, feminists, grrls, pregnancy, motherhood, birth control, being feminine, female s

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The Women's Webring

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All things about women, females, girls, feminists, grrls, pregnancy, motherhood, birth control, being feminine, female sexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, heterosexuality, marriage, children, female beauty, poetry, art, female health issues, breast feeding, topless rights, topfreedom, feminist issues, feminism, women in politics, famous women, fashion, models, prostitution, pornography, female celebrities, actresses, musicians, artists, politicians, doctors, lawyers, activists, activism, abortion, pro-choice, pro-life, religion, female clergy, women in the church, nuns, priestess, goddess, mythology, archeology, history, herstory, erotica, romance, sexuality, sex, kama sutra, help guides, singles, personals.

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   Feminism and Pornography Preview Go
Sex and Censors
   The War, the Women, the West Preview Go
September 11 and the aftermath have revealed a new chapter not only in the fifty-plus-year history of U.S. geopolitical hegemony in the Middle East, but also the Orientalist discourse that dominates the media's analysis of that involvement.
   Socialist Feminism Preview Go
A Strategy for the Women's Movement

   Women and the Politics of Class Preview Go
Johanna Brenner's new Women and the Politics of Class, containing essays written over a sixteen year period, comes at critical period in American feminism.
   Sport in A Masculinist World Preview Go
The Rights of Men: Manhood, Politics and the Culture of Sport. Is A Man's World?
   The Chinese Working Women's Network Preview Go
Women in China's factories.
   International to Transnational Organizing Preview Go
A Century's Feminist Journey
   Women on Film at Century's End Preview Go
Feminist analysis of films.
   Sex-Debate Snapshots in the 1990s Preview Go
A FUNNY THING happened to the feminist sex debates of the 1980s: They resurfaced in the 1990s. Not that funny, really, when you consider this a war with a long, bloody history. If we frame the debate with antipornography feminists on one side and sex radical feminists on the other, it's safe to say the sex radicals have won.
   The Radium Girls' Story Preview Go
AT THE BEGINNING of the 20th century a group of young women workers who, while licking their brushes to make a fine point, applied radium-laden paint to the faces of watches and instruments, began to sicken, and in many cases to die.

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