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The Ring of WebFiction - This webring links any web pages that contain fiction wrtten by anyone, be it FanFiction or creative writing, or sites t

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The Ring of WebFiction

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This webring links any web pages that contain fiction wrtten by anyone, be it FanFiction or creative writing, or sites that have information about writing that can help writers.

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   Hiding in Plain Sight Preview Go
A fiction journal set in an unnamed city in Illinois. Which is located next to a very large lake and has over a million residents. Draw your own conclusions. Comes with a companion homepage for longer stories and other evergreen content.
   CrazedWriter's Fanfiction Repository Preview Go
Growing collection of all my fanfiction to date. Disney's Hunchback (love that Frollo) & Dinosaur. Expanding to include Star Wars, Land Before Time, OZ, Harry Potter, Titanic, Gunsmoke, anything goes. Lots of crossover in the works. Very much outside the box. Think if Danielle Steel and Terry McMillan wrote fan fiction, it'd be just like this
   New York Stories Preview Go
A pair of groups for fiction set in New York City, proper and journaling done within the five boroughs, located on DeviantArt, a network for all of the creative arts, and on WritersCafe, a social network for writers.

   Out Of Range--A NIMH-Rescue Rangers-Rescuers fanfic Preview Go
Gadget Hackwrench, sole survivor of the Rescue Rangers, must bring her friends' murderers to justice, but finds that the trail leads to Thorn Valley, home of the Rats of NIMH...
   New World Order / The Final Solution Preview Go
The struggle against globalist tyranny early in the 21st Century. The world economy has collapsed. People are starving. Urban warfare is breaking out everywhere. Saving humanity from planned oblivion involves the heroic efforts of a Libertarian journalist, threading his way through strange episodes of social decay, in an ongoing race with a man whose organization has already executed over five hundred thousand people... and is only getting started. For a mature audience.
   Unconscious Mind - Alyse's Web Collective Preview Go
Fanfiction featuring CI5: The New Professionals (CI5 Operational Control fanfiction archives featuring adult, slash and gen), Space: Above and Beyond (The Warchild Series - adult), Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (slash), Stargate SG1 (gen, adult and slash), Jurassic Park III (slash, Alan/Billy) and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (het, slash and gen%
   On Our Own: The online script show! Preview Go
The online television show! Check in every Friday at 6:00 PM Eastern for a new script of 'On Our Own,' a show surrounding four teenagers going to college in peculiar Dayboqrx City
   Bam Fanfiction & More!! Preview Go
Bam Margera fanfiction,bios, and more!!
   Crimson Tears Preview Go
Crimson Tears features A.E.Andersons' newly released vampire novel, poetry and discussion board.
   BaF Preview Go
Lots of Harry Potter Fanfics and Quizzes made/written by the site owners and others.

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