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The Magical Circle - The Magical Circle is a Web Ring for sites who help teach and give basic understanding of what Paganism and Wicca and Wi

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The Magical Circle

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Manager: theodora_maffat
The Magical Circle is a Web Ring for sites who help teach and give basic understanding of what Paganism and Wicca and Witchcraft is

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   Eternal Flame Preview Go
Eternal Flame is an online community for Pagans and other individuals walking the "magickal" path. You will recieve support and gain knowledge as well as share knowledge with others. Here you do not have to worry about persecution, you are allowed to be YOU. Blessed Be
   Kyrei Du Lac's Mansion Preview Go
Homepage of Kyrei du Lac, Information about Paganism, Astrology, Tarot, Kabbalah, Wicca. It contains features like an Online Tarot and a downloadable eBook of Shadows.
   Dedicated to British Paganism and Wicca Preview Go
Links to "What is Paganism", an essay that has been on the web since 1996 and was on the original web circle, finally reinstated on webring. Also links to an online Wicca course.

   Dark Moon Circle Cyber Coven Preview Go
This is the Circle's home website,infor on Dark Moon Circle, and how to join. Also information for the pagan community. Dark Moon Circle is a ecclectic women only ecoven.It is Celtci flavored dedicate to the Goddess Morrighan, how ever if you honor another or have another matron your still welcomed
   Blessed Be Rule Of Three Preview Go
With a list of 2,500 Deities; info on Pagan and Fairy Origins, an Essay concerning the Misconceptions of Witchcraft; Diverse Astrology including: Planetary, Chinese, Numerical, and Western Astrology; Religious Relatives including: Vodoun (Voodoo), Shamanism, Druidism, and Native American Religions, and a dedication to the Salem Witch Trials, this site presents a u
   Shadow Moon's Goddess Site Preview Go
A great resource for those Beginning their path into Wicca. Many answers for those hard to find kinds of questions. Check it out!
   SlvrSplsh's Home of Free Pagan Thought Preview Go
My site is an informative and thought provoking site including essays and a handy reference on what Paganism, Witchcraft, and Wicca are (and aren't). I also have a wonder of valuable links.
   Home of MasterE Preview Go
A tale about my travels along the West Coast and beyond. An exploration of pathways and magical places. An invitation to share stories and sacred journeys.
   Mythology of the North Preview Go
Appropriate for Asatru or Wiccan studies. Tables of correspondences for Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Norse Pantheons. Includes Planets, Zodiac. Useful to anthropologists, archaeologists, historians. Comprehensive text on Magick. Tables for gemstones, divinations, magickal implements and procedures, Elder Futhark Runes. Rituals for every purpose.
   Seasons Change and Life Goes On Preview Go
Poetry, stories, and prose written by me. Some dark, some romantic, some erotic, some sad, but all from my mind, my heart, my soul

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