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Ring of Almighty Yuu Watase - Yuu Watase is a Japanese manga artist who has currently presented her work in Sho-comi. She is famous for her beautiful

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Ring of Almighty Yuu Watase

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Manager: njjimf
Yuu Watase is a Japanese manga artist who has currently presented her work in Sho-comi. She is famous for her beautiful drawings as well as the story plot of her manga. This "Ring of Almighty Yuu Watase" has the aim to connect homepages which contains anything derived from her work such as Fushigi Yuugi, Ayashi No Ceres...etc. Want your site featured in this ring? For $ 1.00 per month, we will feature your site in this ring. This will include a "featured site" link on the ring navigation bar that will take visitors directly to your site. Click on the "Featured Sites" link for details and to apply. Sites MUST contain content appropriate for this ring topic. This ring is limited to one Featured Site at a time!!!

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   Sonic K's Fushigi Yuugi Preview Go
The name says it all..but please visit, he's so very very lonely.
   Ayashi No Ceres - Ceres: Celestial Legend - By Cassie Preview Go
This is page about information about the series and links to other sites and well as DVD review and buying information.
   Fushigi Yuugi:Manga Style! Preview Go
A Fushigi Yuugi manga page with only manga pics

   Yuu Watase Palace Preview Go
Well, after Clamp Kingdom(a must see!!), the Yuu Watase Palace. Although Fushigi Yuugi is not one of my favs, don't get me wrong, it's still a great story with nice artwork!, I really do like Ayashi no Ceres and Imadoki , which can be translated by School Days Revolution.
   Fantasies~A y a s h i n o C e r e s~ Preview Go
There's Ayashi no Ceres info and pictures. Also great linkz to some other great sites on the web. I have a good info up to Vol.11 thankz to the Ayashi no Ceres translation project!
   Fushigi Yugi - The Mysterious Play - By Cassie Preview Go
This is a site about informing people about Fushigi Yugi and providing review on the anime and different opinions of things.
   Crystal Eternity Preview Go
At Crystal Eternity, you'll find an extensive story synopsis, character profiles, galleries, and more, all devoted to Fushigi Yuugi!
   Soi's Shrine Preview Go
My page is about Soi. It has info and images of her and the other Seiryuu seishi. I need more pictures but its pretty good right now.

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