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The Virtual Church of Inter-faith - Within this ring, you will find sites of various faiths whose owners examine reasoning behind the things they do.&n

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The Virtual Church of Inter-faith

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Within this ring, you will find sites of various faiths whose owners examine reasoning behind the things they do.  They may poke fun, do so with a hint of humor, or just stand amidst others more known for exposing false doctrine.  But, certainly, we can learn from each; in how we are alike, how we are different, and how we can come closer to desired unity for all.


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   Melchizedek Preview Go
All about Melchizedek and the Order of Melchizedek, My Melchizedek Ordination, Melchizedek in the Bible, Psalm 110:4
   Rev. Jonathan Lobl's Healing Ministry Preview Go
Rev. Jonathan Lobl's healing ministry. Spiritual Healing, Pantheism, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Melchizedek (Order of), Universal Life Church
   Jesus in India - The movie Preview Go
Was Jesus in India? The New Testament is silent on those years, however in India there is an ancient tradition that young Jesus joined a caravan and took the Silk Road to the East, where He lived with both Hindus and Buddhists before returning to begin His ministry. To what extent are these traditions based on evidence, and why does the Pope of Hinduism now insist that Jesus was in India? Scholars and religious authorities are joined in this film by the Dalai Lama and an Apostolic Nuncio of Pope John Paul II. You will hear all sides, and you will be shocked and surprised by some of the answers offered for the Bible's silence about JESUS IN INDIA.

   Embracing Truth @ Timeless Ink Press Preview Go
A Man*Ifesto of Global*Luvolution, dedicated to spreading the message of L.O.V.E. to mankind - there by lifting Man*Kind into the Age of Compassion, raising the vibration of truth and ushering in the Age of Humanity. - Magic*Happens
   Top Religion Sites Preview Go
For sites that are religion in nature
   Church of Saint Hypatia of Alexandria: Montclair NJ Preview Go
This is the website of the Church of Saint Hypatia of Alexandria, a parish of the Moorish Orthodox Church Diocese of New Jersey located in Montclair, New Jersey. We are a progressive, inclusive body of diverse pilgrims with a special mission to "comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." Our watchwords are syncretism and antinomianism, and we take our inspiration from diverse faith traditions.
   Magic, TEMPLE REBUILDING, Aura, Elements, Chakras, ... Preview Go
Kabbalah and the Tree of Life, Solomon's Temple Rebuilding in Jerusalem 2007-2008, Spiritual Alchemy, Kundalini Awakening, Elemental Magic, Chakras System, Human Aura Reading and Cleansing, Atlantis and much more... Occult-Advances.org
   Jonathan Lobl's Reiki Ministry Preview Go
My Training and Ordination for Reiki Ministry, Reiki Ordination, Reiki Church

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