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Victims No More - Many of us have had our lives affected by abuse, both physical and emotional. If we open our mouths and our hearts we ca

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Victims No More

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Many of us have had our lives affected by abuse, both physical and emotional. If we open our mouths and our hearts we can grow to be Victims No More. A burden aired is a burden shared. Please join us and help others to see that they are not alone.

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   Bonni's Personal Pages: Survivor Preview Go
My story of a dysfunctional family, domestic violence, sexual assault, and attempted self-destruction, and how I healed from it.
   Healing Preview Go
Personal journal dealing with my ongoing recovery from abuse.
   The Dolorous Doll - A Survivor's Tale Preview Go
I am a survivor of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse at the hands of someone I trusted, someone who was supposed to love and protect me. He failed, and these are my accounts, my record of things that have come to pass.

   Growing beyond Emotional Abuse Preview Go
'Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will break my heart.' That's the lament of survivors of emotional and verbal abuse. This comprehensive resource website directs visitors to books, on-line articles, and programs dedicated to healing the scars inflicted by a parent, lover or supervisor.
   My Statement To The World! Preview Go
I am a woman who is a victim of Internet stalking and harassment at the hands of a severely disturbed man. This site reveals my inner thoughts of pain and fear as a result of the abuse I'm currently being forced to endure. I also added an update regarding my survival and hopes for the future.
   In Our Hearts - Fallen Heroes -Terror Victims Memorials Preview Go
In our hearts, torros victim's memorials
   Before, During & After Spousal Abuse Preview Go
My life, from before I was abused and what's happening years later. How the vicious circle is still affecting my life today 15 years after his death through my 24 year old daughter.
   Healing with Laughter and Survivor's Wall Preview Go
Our site includes information, poetry, message boards, and chat to aid in the healing from abuse process. We also have two webrings, The Top Healing Sites of the World Wide Web List and an abuse poll. New comers are welcome here.

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