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US Presidents - This is about US History. Presidents of The United States is a webring for history pages about United States Presidents

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US Presidents

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This is about US History. Presidents of The United States is a webring for history pages about United States Presidents from George Washington to present day. If you have a web page about a United States President and it has content, then Join The US Presidents Ring. Pro or Con Welcome.


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   Abraham Lincoln Quotes Preview Go
Best Collection of Abraham Lincoln Quotes. Quotes on the union, god,labor, war,people, inaugural,country,Springfield ,liberty, government, freedom, congress, states, slavery, hope,education and more
   George Washington Quotes Preview Go
Father of our country. Quotes. First President. In his own words. War, peace, Religion, and much more. He may not have cut down the cherry tree but he did say this. George Washington
   US Presidents Preview Go
Washington to Bush. All the Presidents. A One stop place to launch to them all. Come on by and sit a while.

   James Buchanan Quotes Preview Go
President James Buchanan quotes, Buchanan on war, democracy, being president, war and peace. Plus more...
   All About Trains Run for the President of the US Preview Go
All about trains run for the President of the United States (POTUS). In 1990, George Bush visited Connecticut to campaign. His visit closed parts of three Interstate highways and disrupted thousands of commuters and other travelers. Should he have taken the train?
   Zachary Taylor Quotes Preview Go
Best quotes on the net for Zachary Taylor. General, President. In his own words
   Harry S.Truman Quotes Preview Go
Harry S. Truman. Could he be one of the Best President America has ever had? Come and hear the man. Read what he has to say in his oun words.
   The Presidents of the United States Preview Go
There have been forty-three people sworn into office, and forty-four presidencies, due to the fact that Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms and is counted chronologically as both the twenty-second and the twenty-fourth president. We show the Presidents and their families.
   Theodore Roosevelt Quotes Preview Go
Teddy Roosevelt in his own words. Other than Abe maybe the Greatest Republican President in History.
   Herbert Hoover Quotes Preview Go
Hoover speaks on America, Freedom of Speech, The depression. Hoover in his own words.

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